29-06-2020, 18:14
On June 16, a video was spread on the Armenian domain of Facebook, where the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan allegedly officially announced that territories should be "returned" to the Republic of Azerbaijan. He also shared the video with PAP MP Ghorg Petrosyan, informing his audience about the announcement.

It should be noted that these words were removed from the fake (fake) user, Konstantin Petrosov, who is one of the "old-fashioned" Facebook fakes. has been operating since 2012. The latter half-presented Nikol Pashinyan's words during the September 13, 2018 meeting with the government in the National Assembly.

In that speech, Nikol Pashinyan, answering the NA deputy Armen Ashotyan's question about the Artsakh Republic, mentions.

"In fact, we must state that in connection with the Nagorno Karabakh issue, there has never been an option on the negotiating table where the issue of Nagorno Karabakh's status was clearly formulated and guaranteed. And you know it. And in recent years, as we approach 2018, the issue of the status of Nagorno Karabakh has been pushed more and more aside.

I want to tell you that at the moment when I assumed the post of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, I inherited an option where there is nothing about the status of Artsakh at all. There is only the following that the territories known to you should be returned to Azerbaijan. "

From these words, the fake user singled out only the last part, "the territories known to you to Azerbaijan must be returned", which was spread in the media.
29-06-2020, 18:04
Prosperous Armenia believes that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan should be interrogated to substantiate his statement that the PAP distributed bribes during the elections and thus appeared in parliament before the revolution. Nikol Pashinyan's spokesman responds that if the investigative bodies consider it necessary to summon the Prime Minister for questioning, he will not refuse, and he will not back down from his statement.
29-06-2020, 18:04
In a Facebook post, lawyer Tigran Atanesyan referred to the fact that RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan did not serve in the RA Armed Forces.
"I would never want to write this status myself, but the state of my country makes me:

1992 The first law of the Republic of Armenia “On Conscription” adopted in 2006 provides for the provision that the third brother of two brothers who have been discharged from compulsory military service. This provision was repealed in 1994, after which all the "third" brothers were drafted into the army.

Our "beloved" prime minister, when he mentions that he was fired on that basis, is not right, to put it mildly. Let me remind you that he taught at YSU in 1991-1995. During that time, he rightfully exercised his right to deferment.
29-06-2020, 17:59
"The accusations against former RA Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan are groundless and absurd. Gasparyan approaches these accusations philosophically. Vladimir Gasparyan's lawyer Tigran Atanesyan stated this in a conversation with NEWS.am.

"There are accusations that they should be rewarded. These are things that have nothing to do with law. Vladimir Gasparyan did not waste property on a particularly large scale. Those properties exist and everything has been done openly. Vladimir Gasparyan approaches these accusations philosophically, "the Defender said.

Atanesyan said that a long investigation has taken place, there is no evidence in the basis of the case, but there are facts that the defense does not deny. "They understand misunderstanding differently and present it in their own way."

Tigran Atanesyan informed that Vladimir Gasparyan testified as a witness. "He gave a detailed testimony, and as a defendant he has not testified yet."

According to the indictment, Vladimir Gasparyan held the positions of Chief of the Military Police Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia in 1997-2011, then Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, and misappropriated the property of someone else entrusted to him, knowing the main functions of 3 servicemen. As a result, no large amount of money was stolen from state funds during the mentioned period.

In addition, holding the position of Chief of the RA Police under the Government of the Republic of Armenia in 2011-2018, being an official performing the functions of a permanent representative of the government, due to other personal interests, used his official position against the interests of the service: 15,000,000 and 10,000,000 Real estate at the cost of AMD was illegally allocated to the employees of the RA Police, who did not need to improve their housing conditions, as a result of which careless consequences arose.

In addition, he misappropriated the property of another person entrusted to him on a particularly large scale. The real estate worth 10,000,000 AMD in the balance of the RA Police illegally provided it to the RA Police employee with the right of ownership.

Vladimir Gasparyan was charged with Article 179, Part 3, Clauses 1 and 2 of the RA Criminal Code (misappropriation or waste), Article 308, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code (abuse of official authority).

3 more people have the status of the accused in the case. Former Deputy Chief of Police Levon Yeranosyan, former Head of the Internal Audit Department of the Police Vardan Tunyan and former Commander of the Military Unit of one of the police troops Gurgen Grigoryan.

The case was signed by Judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan Vardan Grigoryan.
29-06-2020, 17:55
According to the expert, in the near future Armenia may have a serious shortage not only of bread, but also of vegetable oil and pork. Money against the coronavirus will not save either.

YEREVAN, June 29 - Sputnik. With the spread of coronavirus in the face of possible difficulties in importing wheat, a food problem may arise in Armenia. This time the insistence does not belong to the opposition, but to the Armenian government.

In line with the global coronavirus, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia has developed a "state program to support the promotion of autumn wheat production" in Armenia due to the need for food security in Armenia.
29-06-2020, 17:45
Sadjad Karibi was born in 1991 in Iran. Sadjad, which the locals call the Iranian khalk, is 180 cm tall and weighs 184 kg. To maintain weight, Sadjad is fed 6 to 10 times a day. On her Instagram page, she regularly posts a huge portion of her food, which is rich in protein and vitamins.

Despite his brutal appearance, Sadjad has an economic education and has worked in the real estate industry for some time. But de Sadej's main passion remains sports. He considers "heavy athletics" the work of his life. He has many victories and participations in both local and international competitions.
29-06-2020, 17:29
On June 29, the officers of the Police Patrol Service Regiment noticed a young man without a mask at the intersection of Melik Adamyan and Nalbandyan streets.
The police approached the citizen, urged him to wear a mask and demanded an identity document to draw up a protocol.

The young man refused to give his details and fled. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. During that time, the young man punched the policeman and caused bodily injury.
A criminal case has been initiated in the Central Police Department under Article 316 of the RA Criminal Code on the grounds of violence against a government official.
A 21-year-old resident of Davitashen district has been arrested.
The investigation of the initiated criminal case continues.
29-06-2020, 17:18
BMW, the most reputable car brand in Germany, has decided to support the LGBT community and has specifically changed the colors of the logo, adding the colors of the rainbow.

The photo of the new icon appeared on the company's official Facebook page. It has caused a stir on the Internet and has caused a great deal of controversy, most of them negative.

In a post attached to the photo, the brand noted that the company demands respect for this change. A few minutes after the photo was published, the post had already received more than 40,000 comments.
29-06-2020, 15:37
"Dear citizens, dear colleagues. I would like to inform you that on June 22 I wrote to the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Armenia to restore one mandate of the "Bright Armenia" faction of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

We have provided legal grounds for the fact that the requirement of the RA Electoral Code is the existence of no less than 1/3 of the opposition in the parliament, and the analysis of the NA Rules of Procedure directly testifies to the fact that only one subject, the faction, can be considered an oppositionist. We will provide additional information on the upcoming CEC session and application review procedures, ”the bright disgrace wrote.
29-06-2020, 15:28
What can you say? People started with their own children, and now they have switched to mothers. For months now, Anna Hakobyan has been using her mother to provide her own PR. Both live photos and touching texts ... and now against the background of a new selfie with a waffle table, as if you see what a modest family we are ... How can I not say now? Cheapness has a limit. In your case, Mrs. Hakobyan, that border strives for the infinite.

It's a shame and just unbearable when the Armenian people lose their mothers every day, and you PR at the expense of your mother and you don't even "off", Anna. This is your real face, shameless, mean and hypocritical.