4-10-2020, 07:45
Turkish F-16s landed at this airport. Expert:
Karen Hovhannisyan, an expert on Turkish-Kurdish issues, posted the following on his Facebook page, responding to the report on the destruction of Ganja (Gandzak) airport.

"Let me remind you that on September 19, Turkish F-16s landed at Gandzak airport. And for two months they were proudly conducting joint military exercises at this airport. Let me say that the repair factory is located in the territory of this airport.

Imagine what we did ․․․

WE WILL WIN ․․․ ".
4-10-2020, 07:41
Najmeddin Sadikov accused of plotting to attack Karabakh arrested in Azerbaijan
Former Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces Najmeddin Sadikov, who was fired by Turkish generals, has been arrested in Azerbaijan. He is accused of high treason, in particular the leak of the military plan to attack Nagorno Karabakh, Rambler reports. Besides, Sadikov is accused of the death of Azerbaijani General Polad Hashimov during the July aggravation of the Armenian border by Azerbaijan. It is supposed that Sadikov provided the Armenian side with all the information about the general գտնվելու's whereabouts, it was a personal revenge. There was a personal conflict between Sadikov and Hashimov.

Earlier we reported that Sadikov was on the run. He was declared wanted.
4-10-2020, 07:38
The enemy continues to target peaceful settlements, including the capital Stepanakert, with weapons prohibited by international humanitarian law. The Defense Army informs this May.

The Defense Army is already carrying out strong strikes on key military facilities located deep behind Azerbaijan. The entire responsibility for raising the tension in the conflict zone by one degree falls on the Azerbaijani side.
4-10-2020, 07:06
"There is no Ganja airport either." Karen Hovhannisyan
"There is no Ganja airport either," military expert Karen Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page.
4-10-2020, 07:04
Artsakh President's Spokesman Vahram Poghosyan informs ․

"Ganja Military Airport has disappeared. The first. "

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4-10-2020, 06:59
"URGENT. I call on the people of Azerbaijan to leave those cities quickly. " President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Arayik Harutyunyan appealed to the Azerbaijani people. "URGENT. Despite numerous warnings, the Azerbaijani terrorist army continues to target the civilian population of Stepanakert, using "Polonez" and "Smerch" systems.
From now on, military facilities permanently located in major cities of Azerbaijan became the targets of the Defense Army. I call on the people of Azerbaijan to leave these cities as soon as possible to avoid possible losses.
The entire responsibility for all this lies with the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan.
4-10-2020, 06:56
A charter flight to Los Angeles-Yerevan is organized on October 9
A charter flight to Los Angeles-Yerevan is organized on October 9.
The flight is not for commercial purposes, it is intended only to transport our compatriots to Armenia.
Airline tickets are sold for $ 1,200, which will allow you to collect the cost of the flight.
The flight will be operated by IcelandAir Boeing 767 aircraft. The plane will make a technical stop in Reykjavik to refuel, which will take 1 hour. The duration of the whole flight is 15 hours.
* The flight depends on a sufficient number of people.
In case of questions և / or to register you can call +37410535726 or +37491535503.
4-10-2020, 06:25
At this moment, civilian objects are being targeted in Stepanakert again.
4-10-2020, 06:17
The real sign of Talish and the Azerbaijani falsification
The Azeri propaganda machine has been publishing a photo of the allegedly captured village of Talish since yesterday. As evidence, they present a sign written in Azerbaijani and placed somewhere incomprehensible. Meanwhile, Armenian users are spreading the real sign of Talish, mocking the falsity of the enemy.
4-10-2020, 05:48
PAP MP Naira Zohrabyan posted a video on her Facebook.