29-06-2020, 20:19
Sumya Svaminata, chief scientist of the World Health Organization, said which companies are leading the fight against the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to Reuters, the leaders are the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the company Moderna in Cambridge, founded by American-Armenian businessman Nubar Afeyan.

The British-designed vaccine, developed in collaboration with experts at Oxford University, is currently undergoing extensive clinical trials.

Last week, AstraZeneca signed its tenth contract on the supply of vaccines.
29-06-2020, 20:11
Armen Martirosyan is a publisher. She is happy now. As they say, the mother's belly fell. Countless, countless orders from the state. The case is booming. It is said that he will soon publish an illustrated book about Nicole Kaylo's toothpick. In short, the handsome Armen is happy now. So happy that he even calls on the people not to be upset by the sharp rise in property taxes.

In the context of flattering Nikol Pashinyan, naturally he should have remembered Robert Kocharyan, made sarcastic remarks about him, and said that he had seized us.

Yes, Robert Kocharyan can be criticized for two gross mistakes, that when he came to power he did not punish those who partially destroyed and destroyed the economy inherited from the Soviet Union.
29-06-2020, 20:03
Researchers from the University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in Singapore have published an analysis of the outbreak of coronavirus in different countries, including Armenia.

According to experts, the peak of coronavirus in Armenia is already in the past. According to them, the outbreak of the infection in our country on August 19 will be completely neutralized.
29-06-2020, 19:53
The noisy murders of Gavar. reality as it is. " facts VIDEO:
The guest of the "Discussion" program broadcast live on "Noyan Tapan" is Armen Mukhsikaroyan, a lawyer, member of the RA Chamber of Advocates, defense attorney of the accused Armen Haytyan.

The topic of discussion is "Gavar's noisy murders. the reality as it is. ”
As SHAMSHYAN.com reported earlier, a murder reminiscent of a war movie took place on April 28 in Gegharkunik region. At around 5:30 p.m., the Gavar Police Department received a call that shots had been fired on Azatutyan Street in Gavar.
29-06-2020, 19:50
The Ministry of Education and Science has issued an explanation.

"Assigning the acting rector of the Armenian State University of Economics to the vice-rector is another reason for negligence on the part of the RA Ministry of Education and Science.

In order to find out all the circumstances of the incident, an official investigation is being carried out on the instructions of the Minister, the results of which will be announced later.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this technical error due to the noise and speculation raised by some people in the media field. ”
29-06-2020, 19:40
The approach is quarantine without quarantine, because we have also seen in many European countries that the official lodge has been declared, but that does not mean that these rules are 100% observed. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this today, on June 29, during the briefing after the curfew session, referring to the question whether it is not necessary to tighten the control instead of calls.

"Before taking such an action, we must make sure that at least 100 people follow this rule effectively.

If we declare a lodge and keep it in the central streets, but it is not maintained in the yards and buildings, that lodge will be inefficient. After all, we can't stop a police officer on every floor of a building.
29-06-2020, 19:38

July will be the month when everything will have to be arranged on shelves. And it's about everything from a diary to a feeling. Aries stars are encouraged to be more organized, to avoid unnecessary expenses, to postpone serious purchases. In private life, too, you need to take a short stop, if not a long stop. It will be helpful to provide you with hours of rest during the day. It will help to focus on the main thing.
29-06-2020, 19:23
The first thing you feel when you look at this face is nausea, then disgust and disgust. To take this sheep to a whole nation, to an entire population, says you are a nomad, this is not your city, the inhabitants here were Persians and Azeris. I am sure that her grandmother was one of the Armenians who took pleasure in the rape of the Turks, and as a result, this CAC mass was born.
This put him in the place of an intelligent intellectual and decided to teach the nation lessons. He reads people's moral slogans about what to do and what not to do. Well, dear Serzh, the language of your descendants lasts longer. It's always like that, the most immoral and the most cunning people shout right and high so that they don't suddenly get a palette.
You criticize a nation, say nomadic and homeless, but there is no greater homeless person in this country than you.
29-06-2020, 18:42
The "Bespridel" adventures of the Chief of Staff of the RA Prime Minister Eduard Aghajanyan. Video
29-06-2020, 18:23
Sergey Danielyan, who are you to call Armenians "migrant vagrants", clown?
You came out of the back of the Republican governor, you sat in the back of Nicole, are you a human being? You are the immigrant homeless person and you will always remain so. Rejoice a little, with your favorite joke of the "immoral" ten and your role as a palace clown, and you will find yourself in the dustbin of history with them.