16-02-2021, 05:47
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "Yesterday the Presidential Palace announced that President Armen Sargsyan had returned to Yerevan at the end of last week. "At the urging of doctors, the president continues his treatment in Yerevan as well." Armen Sargsyan, in parallel with the treatment, also started performing his official duties, that is, he is already attending work and has signed some decrees. In the spread photo we noticed that the president arrived in Armenia with an unknown plane with blue markings, on which there is no logo of any airline. The plane was parked at the "presidential" entrance of "Zvartnots" airport, and the number one board can be seen in the rear.

We inquired from the Presidential Palace by what plane Armen Sargsyan arrived in Armenia, in response to which Hasmik Petrosyan, Advisor to the President, said ․ "At the end of last year, all the travel and other expenses of the President of the Republic to go abroad and return for treatment a few days ago were covered by non-state, personal funds. "The president arrived in Yerevan by private plane. As far as I know, it belongs to one of his close friends."

The plane probably belongs to British-Armenian tycoon Vache Manukyan. "
16-02-2021, 05:45
Watch it!
At least 3 lies in one sentence
"I was assured that the statue of Nzhdeh will not be dismantled, it will remain in Artsakh." Nairi Hokhikyan
Azerbaijan demands removal of Nzhdeh statue, Russian peacekeepers do not want to take responsibility for statue fate instead of Armenians
"Dear Iranian government, when you congratulate Azerbaijan on the so-called victory, remember that this unfortunate camel will knock on your door tomorrow." Nairi Hokhikyan
Armenian government is steadily pursuing the collapse of the state, giving up the Academy of Sciences, a symbol of our former pride
In Azerbaijan, the number of victims is up to 25,000 Azerbaijanis. The civil society of the enemy country begins to talk about the real human and military losses suffered by that country.

A number of organizations created under the guise of human rights պաշտպանության protection of democracy have questioned the 2020 ․ Official data on the losses suffered by our enemy in the war provoked by Azerbaijan. In particular, the article published in the "Free Azerbaijan" resource states that, unlike Ali, the initial number given by the General Staff of that country is more credible - 9000-12000 losses, and Russian sources told the Azerbaijanis that Azerbaijan left 20-25 on the battlefield. a thousand corpses.
16-02-2021, 05:16
Armenian Press 16 February, 2021 8:34:

"Square" ․ 21-kilometer section of Goris-David Bek road to be handed over to Azerbaijan in 3 years
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "The latest declassified document is, in fact, about handing over the 21-kilometer section of the Goris-David Bek road to Azerbaijan. It is not explicitly mentioned in that document, but according to the bilateral agreement, that part should be exploited by Armenia and Azerbaijan for about 3 years, and the Russian peacekeepers guarantee its safe use. Within 3 years, the Armenian side must build a bypass road in its territory, after which those 21 kilometers will be completely handed over to Azerbaijan. This agreement was reached with the direct participation of the RA Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense.

Well-informed sources say that Vagharshak Harutyunyan in particular is a supporter of fulfilling all the demands of the opponent and does not show any resistance, which surprised even the Russian side. "Our sources say that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov even said in private conversations with Armenians, 'If you give your lands, why should we be against it? You are the one who decides.'
15-02-2021, 22:53
"Azerbaijan indicates up to 25,000 Azerbaijani victims." Hokhikyan (photo)
15-02-2021, 22:20
The Court of General Jurisdiction of the city of Yerevan, presided over by Judge Armine Meliksetyan, started the investigation of the case of 4 people accused of committing mass riots in the government building on the night of November 9, 2020, after a trilateral statement.

Former RPA member Sergey Kharatyan, now a supporter of Robert Kocharyan, Armenian national team athlete Harutyun Merdinyan, Hayk Iskandaryan and Edgar Grigoryan are the defendants in this case. Only Merdinyan is free from them.

Among the victims in this case is also the spokesperson of the RA Prime Minister Mane Gevorgan, who was in the government building during the riots.

The court clarified the identities of the defendants at today's session. According to that, Sergey Kharatyan said that he has a higher education, he has not been convicted before, a minor child, his wife and parents are in care. In response to the court question, Harutyun Merdinyan said that he had a higher education, had not been convicted, and worked at the Albert Azaryan Sports School as a coach. Edgar Grigoryan said that he was married and had a minor child, a wife and a mother. One of the defendants, Hayk Iskandaryan, has not been convicted before and is married.

The court then proceeded to the trial, during which the prosecuting attorney released the final part of the indictment.

According to that, Sergey Kharatyan was accused of joining the participants of the mass riots in front of the government building after the signing of a trilateral statement by the leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. According to the prosecutor, under the pressure of violence, the intimidated security guards of the government building were pushed aside to avoid a clash with those who were committing obviously illegal acts. After that, Sergey Kharatyan and the other participants, not having the right to enter the government building, ignoring the protection regime of the specially protected areas, entered the building by breaking the entrance door and windows and took part in the riots. "In particular, Sergey Kharatyan entered the RA Prime Minister's office at around 02:45 in order to intentionally damage property and continue other activities in the office of a high-ranking state official, kicked the door of the RA Prime Minister's office many times with his feet and hands, pulling the door handle. "After breaking the door, he entered the office illegally, as a result of which the normal working activities of the RA Government and the Prime Minister, the necessary working conditions, as well as the public safety were endangered," the prosecutor announced. It should be noted that after the attack on the Government building, the Prime Minister's spokesman posted a video on his Facebook page, in which Kharatyan was seen among other people.

The latter said in response to the court's question yesterday that the accusation against him was uncertain and that he had not participated in the riots. "It was mentioned that I did not obey the bodies guarding the government building. I want to inform you that when I entered the RA government building, I did not encounter any obstacles, I did not hear anything from any law enforcement body, moreover, I did not see any there. a law enforcement agency. ... It is true that I broke the handle, and I accepted that when no witnesses had been interrogated, no footage had appeared on the Internet, when the NSS had not yet shown me everything. I came back from Nagorno Karabakh the day before and after hearing the news, yes, I went and entered the government building, but again, what appeared on the Internet was also ugly to me, what was happening there with the handle or that part , because there was an emotional background. "I am ready to compensate for what I have damaged as a result of my actions," Kharatyan said.
15-02-2021, 20:56
On February 15, at 23:31 local time (19:31 Greenwich Mean Time), the seismological network of the Territorial Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia registered 40.52 հյուս north latitude and 45.32 արեւ east longitude at Shorzha, Gegharkunik region. 4 km north-east of the village, 10 km deep, 2.0 magnitude earthquake (aftershock). The RA Ministry of Emergency Situations informs about this.

The magnitude of the earthquake in the epicenter was 2-3 points.

The earthquake (aftershock) was felt in Shoghakat and Chambarak communities with 2-3 magnitude.
15-02-2021, 20:26
Yerkir.am's "D. Gyurjinyan ate up the 19 million drams paid for the bonus, ”said Marat Yavrumyan, Deputy Chairman of the RA Language Committee, after the article was published. He has not reported for work since today.

It is not clear yet whether Marat Yavrumyan is being punished with that, whether Davit Gyurjinyan is trying to break the whole jug and kula on his head or is leaving voluntarily, trying to avoid possible responsibility or unpleasant surprises.

Let us remind that according to Yerkir.am, published on February 12, 2019-2020. Davit Gyurjinyan alone or with his deputy Marat Yavrumyan misappropriated about 19 million drams provided to the institution through bonuses.
15-02-2021, 20:12
On February 15, at 23:31 local time (19:31 GMT) the seismological network of the Territorial Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia registered 40.52 լայն north latitude 45.32 և east longitude in Shorzha, Gegharkunik region. 4 km north-east of the village, 10 km deep, 2.0 magnitude earthquake (aftershock).

The magnitude of the earthquake in the epicenter was 2-3 points.

The earthquake (aftershock) was felt in Shoghakat-Chambarak communities with a magnitude of 2-3.
15-02-2021, 19:53
It has been a month since I thought about finding out Nikol's rating in Gyumri. Those who know me know the significance of Gyumri for me. On top of that, I am the coordinator of the activities of our party's Shirak regional branch.
Today, a group of the brightest Nikols from Shirak freed me from the need to measure Nikol's rating in Gyumri, because they measured it through their rally. The rally was attended by about 200 people, some of whom were from other communities in the Shirak region, some from the police, and a small number from Yerevan.
In fact, today the most residents of Shirak reported that Nikol could hardly be elected chairman of a one-street condominium in Yerevan.
Special thanks to those guys.
15-02-2021, 19:19
On February 15, at 22:27 local time (18:27 GMT), the seismological network of the Territorial Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia registered with the geographical coordinates of 40.52 և north latitude 45.33 և east longitude, Shorzha, Gegharkunik region 5 km north-east of the village, at a depth of 10 km, 3.3 magnitude earthquake (aftershock).