29-06-2020, 23:14
The Center Democrats International has issued an urgent statement on its official Twitter page regarding the events surrounding the Constitutional Court in Armenia.

Personally sad "policy". Artak Zakaryan
The CRC noted with deep concern that although the Venice Commission had emphasized that the constitutional amendments did not conform to the Commission's views, the ruling majority in the Armenian parliament had advanced them in an unprecedented manner.

Such an approach seriously calls into question the legitimacy of change and is seen as a serious step backwards in the country from the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.
29-06-2020, 21:47
Today is the birth of this man, the third president of Armenia, who has made an undeniable contribution to the recent history of the two Armenian states. RPA Deputy Chairman Armen Ashotyan writes about this on his Facebook page.

"There could be a lot of classic clichés here, which have become correct, but commonplace, plump-shimmering, migrating from formal messages to ceremonial laziness, written with careless lexical accuracy.

But now I want to say something else.

No, today is not the birthday of my "boss". Nor the leader of my party.

Today is the birthday of Serzh Sargsyan, who became my best friend on the way to life. No, I'm not cutting my tail, I'm not bringing me a square. Let me put it this way, because the toast of my last birthday turned to me like that.

After April 2018, my relationship with him got a chance to redefine and a second life, and I'm thankful that what didn't kill that attitude made it stronger.

I hope he will forgive me for revealing a secret. He was ready to let go of anyone who, after the change of government, when "the situation changed", wanted to leave.

The position also went on, exposing, crystallizing, insisting on a much more important identity, with its silence a loud reputation that you can neither give nor take. You can only earn it like a strong and solid hand, a sword used in arms, a shovel and a pen, which is not available to many "gluttons".

Some may now whisper the brain coils flattened from gall to groove. "Serge's slave." In the life of such writers, I am sure, there is no friendship, dignity, dignity. "Serzh's slave" are the writers who are left hopeless "under Serzh". I am not "Serzh's slave", I am not "under Serzh". I am with Serzh.
29-06-2020, 21:26
"She was ill and had been missing for some time. He returned, it was a day of pay, and he was the first to get used to it. "We saw him standing in a corner, far away. We said, 'Avet Markic, come closer.' He said, "No, guys, I haven't worked this month, it's a shame to receive money," says Yervand Ghazanchyan about actor Avet Avetisyan. "This kind of decency!"

Judge Vahe Grigoryan of the Constitutional Court has been receiving a salary for almost a year since he was elected to the Constitutional Court by the National Assembly. Not only is he not ashamed of it, but in the presence of journalists he openly argues that the salary is his livelihood, if he didn't get it, would we feel better about it? Yes, Mr. Vahe, we would feel good. If you had previously refused in writing the salaries and bonuses provided during the absence period and the privileges of a judge of the Constitutional Court, your position would have been somewhat justified and understandable. And if it was not possible by the legislation, does the same legislation allow the manifestation of such behavior?

You knew in advance that the Constitutional Court, in your opinion, was in crisis, why did you agree when your candidacy was nominated, and the National Assembly approved it, basically based on the speech that you were probably making credible. Why didn't you say, before voting, take into account the condition that I will not fulfill my responsibilities until ուցե Maybe they would be re-elected, in that case you could justify that your idleness was legalized by the National Assembly. Or maybe they would choose someone else who would go and fight, pointing out a way out of that crisis, at least in his presence, to emphasize the protest and the disagreement against the illegality.

By fighting, they eliminate the clutter, not by dragging a corner with childish agitation. You have abused the trust of the person who nominated your candidacy and the majority of the National Assembly. If a person has won the tender for asphalt paving, then he should have paved that asphalt, and if he had previously disagreed with the asphalt and the ground, then he should not have applied for the tender. You didn't spread your asphalt, you didn't fulfill your responsibilities, but you wasted the money allocated for that purpose. And your colleagues, from whom you were not alienated from a social distance, but by inactivity, performed their duties, good or bad. It is a different matter who enjoys this work and who enjoys it. The Constitutional Court is not for personal pleasure or displeasure.

And why didn't the National Assembly recall the candidate of its choice, and why did the nominee never worry? Why was the executive body silent, why was the judiciary silent, did the Constitutional Court itself give a legal solution to the problem so far? Wasn't there a competent, obligated person in this country to speak up? Imagine, the Prime Minister of the country says that he has a problem with the former ones, he doesn't go to work, the Prosecutor General doesn't go to work, the Minister of Defense doesn't go to work, maybe I caught him from above? Let's go down! One of the NA cleaners does not come to work and does not clean the area allotted to him. Dear National Assembly, would you tolerate sitting in the dirt? And why do you tolerate that a person does not clean his territory in the Constitutional Court?

So this is a political position with the permission of the ruling political majority. Was the CC crisis resolved by dismissing three judges and Hrayr Tovmasyan as no other president? No, it got deeper. Serzh's man left, Nikol's man came. And tomorrow, when Paul is elected Prime Minister, Nicole's man will go, Paul's man will come. This was not a Constitutional Court, this was not a country and a state. Every time someone comes, the fun takes place, and he starts not to melt with the knowledge he knows. Is this a state or a tightrope walker? Understand, these people are tired, they don't like the pleasure of everyone who comes.
29-06-2020, 21:19
The number of people infected with coronavirus in Artik is increasing. In any case, the people of Artik told Armlur.am about this. According to the residents, a coronavirus disease has been confirmed in one of the greenhouse workers in Artik, and about 100 people work in the greenhouses. According to the residents of Artik, a coronavirus has also been confirmed in several shops.

ArmLur.am also learned from the residents of Artik that the head of the therapeutic department of the hospital was also infected with coronavirus, and the doctors of the mentioned department are isolated. Patients with coronavirus are now being treated by surgeons. And the medical staff no longer manages to serve the patients. The nurses go around people's houses and "turn on the drip."

However, Mayor Mkhitar Varagyan, in a conversation with ArmLur.am, immediately referred to this topic and immediately said that the situation in the city is under control.
29-06-2020, 20:58
In order to prevent the possible spread of the new coronavirus, it is necessary for people infected with the coronavirus to strictly follow the rules of self-isolation and isolation. In this context, the police officers, in cooperation with other relevant bodies, exercise control over the places of isolation and self-isolation. Violations cause administrative and criminal consequences provided by law.

Since the declaration of the state of emergency, 127 cases of violation of the rules of isolation or self-isolation have been revealed, on the basis of which protocols have been drawn up. Violation of the rules of isolation or self-isolation will have criminal consequences if the violation of the rules has resulted in an infection of the person, negligence caused serious damage to human health or negligence caused infection of two or more persons or negligence caused death. Criminal liability for violating the rules of isolation or self-isolation or other restrictions on the right to free movement during a state of emergency declared under the State of Emergency is defined by Article 277.1 of the RA Criminal Code.

And, due to the above-mentioned consequences, different types of punishments are defined, even imprisonment. According to the article, a criminal case was recently filed after the Kotayk police found out that the person infected with the coronavirus had violated the rules of self-isolation and provided taxi services. Dear citizens, strictly observe the rules of isolation or self-isolation, do not endanger the health of others by illegal behavior, which is punishable not only from the point of view of morality, but also by law. The RA Police informs about this.
29-06-2020, 20:43
Today, on June 30, Serzh Azat Sargsyan celebrates his 66th birthday. He was born on June 30, 1954 in Stepanakert. He graduated from the local high school. In 1971 he entered Yerevan State University. From 1972 to 1974 he served in the USSR Armed Forces. In 1979 he graduated from YSU Faculty of Philology. He started working in 1975 at the Yerevan Electrotechnical Plant, where he worked until 1979.

In 1979-1988 he was the head of the Stepanakert City Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia, then the second secretary, the first secretary, the head of the propaganda department of the Stepanakert Communist Party's propaganda committee, the instructor of the NKR regional committee of party organizations, the first secretary of the NKR regional committee Henrik Poghosyan.

In 1989-1993 he headed the NKR Committee for Self-Defense Forces. In 1990 he was elected a deputy of the Supreme Council of Armenia. In 1993-1995 he was the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.

In 1995-1996 he was the head of the RA State Security Department, then the Minister of National Security, in 1996-1999 he was the RA Minister of Internal Affairs and National Security.
29-06-2020, 20:39
Article 135․2 of the Code on Administrative Offenses stipulates that smoking by a driver of a vehicle during a vehicle drive carries a fine of 3,000 drams.

Smoking in public transport or in light passenger cars causes a fine of 20,000 drams.
29-06-2020, 20:31
On Saturday, the news received a number of information from the recent official meeting between Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan. Let's present one of them. During the meeting, among other things, Robert Kocharyan rebuked Serzh Sargsyan for the kitchen series shot by his son-in-law.

According to Kocharyan, it is not appropriate for people with military backgrounds and high political positions to have family members who discredit not only themselves but all their colleagues with their tactics. Kocharyan literally said. "Serge, tell your son-in-law, let him translate that TV series."
29-06-2020, 20:30
After the 1988 earthquake, when rescuers arrived in Armenia, we witnessed the existence of the Internet with the antennas brought with them. We didn't have an internal network and suddenly we found ourselves on the Internet.

The advent of the Internet and the inclusion of Armenian culture on the Internet has caused many problems. The number one problem and the biggest threat was the problem of the Armenian language. The greatest danger hung over the Armenian language, but the introduction of culture here was not accidental. The primary problem we all had was the mechanization of the Armenian language. The computer does not have the right to do something in English that it cannot do in Armenian. We have to achieve that because we have no other way out. Eventually we will not return to the cave. We must be able to walk together. In recent years, great strides have been made in this direction: we have had translations of computer systems. However, due to the lack of resources, our program remains imperfect today.
29-06-2020, 20:26
Coronavirus continues to rage in the country, and the government is busy with meaningless and ridiculous PR. Secretary of the Prosperous Armenia faction Arman Abovyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"No, I simply refuse to understand the logic of the government's actions, or rather the complete lack of logic. This is no longer absurd, it has reached an entire nation.

Coronavirus continues to rage in the country, and the government is busy with irrelevant, meaningless and ridiculous PR. On the one hand, the Prime Minister again accuses the people of not wearing masks and the problems of the country arise from people's faces. Of course, the whole state system is trying to intimidate and intimidate the opposition, as well as all those who refuse to applaud the government's absurdity. "