30-06-2020, 06:57
The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention has published new data on coronavirus disease in Armenia.

YEREVAN, June 30 - Sputnik. The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Armenia has increased by 415 in the last day and has become 25,542. The information is provided by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the center, 10,904 people are currently receiving treatment, 111,844 tests have been performed, and 14,048 of those infected have recovered. 443 (+10) deaths were registered. For other reasons, the total number of deaths was 147 (+4).
30-06-2020, 06:55
Karen Chilingaryan, a member of the "Civil Contract" party, died in a car accident at the age of 29. He was one of the active participants in the 2018 movement.

His friends and CP members reported this on Facebook, expressing condolences for the young man's death.

It should be noted that Karen Chilingaryan is the brother of Echmiadzin Mayor Diana Gasparyan, who had a child.
30-06-2020, 06:51
Zhoghovurd newspaper writes: "On June 26, a remarkable incident took place in Arabkir administrative district. A 40-year-old man threw himself from a high-rise building and committed suicide. According to the preliminary information received by "Zhoghovurd" daily, the man's suicide is connected with businessman Benzin Rubo, nicknamed Robert Galustyan, and his son, Alen Galustyan.

"Zhoghovurd" daily reported that the man who committed suicide, Manvel Avetisyan, worked for "RAN-OIL" company, which belongs to businessman Robert Galustyan. According to the information we received, he was indebted to Galustyan and his son Alen Galustyan.
30-06-2020, 06:50
A 55-year-old patient receiving treatment for coronavirus disease at Artashat Medical Center jumped out of a hospital window.

Alina Nikoghosyan, spokeswoman for the Minister of Health, stated this on her Facebook page.

"The incident was immediately reported to law enforcement. The latter was hospitalized on June 29.

The patient was immediately taken to St. Gregory the Illuminator Medical Center with multiple fractures of the lower extremities. Necessary examinations are performed. He is under the care of doctors and according to the latter is in a serious condition, "he wrote.
30-06-2020, 06:43
"Zhamanak" newspaper writes. "According to Zhamanak, Sedrak Arustamyan, the executive director of Multi Group Concern, who has been detained for two months, testified that about 120 enterprises registered in his name actually belong to Gagik Tsarukyan, the leader of the Prosperous Armenia parliamentary group.

Arustamyan stated that he agreed to the deal because he did not want to lose his job. "
30-06-2020, 06:37
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30-06-2020, 06:34
Karen Chilingaryan, a member of the "Civil Contract" party, died at the age of 29 in a car accident.

He was the brother of Etchmiadzin Mayor Diana Gasparyan. He was married and had one daughter.
30-06-2020, 06:12
"Zhamanak" newspaper writes. "According to" Zhamanak "information, Artur Vanetsyan, the leader of the" Homeland "party, was also infected with the coronavirus.

Vanetsyan does not go to the party's office and has isolated himself in his apartment. His health condition is satisfactory. "
29-06-2020, 23:47
Hasmik Hrant Amiraghyan, 35, from the town of Noyemberyan, was born with cancer of the right kidney, which is in the 4th stage. The cancer has also spread to the right lung and liver. Now it is very necessary to undergo chemotherapy, later also surgery. His family has already spent all the money they have and will be under loans.

In order to save the life of the young woman, the mother of two children, we need financial support, to participate in the rescue of Hasmik. Let's do a good deed, help Financially save Hasmik Amiraghyan. Below are the accounts to which you can make a financial transfer.
29-06-2020, 23:32
This segment tried to seize power in 2008, but was not yet fully established (for example, today's 22-25-year-old grantees, who are now a major strike force, were 10-12 years old at the time). In 2013, the experiment was initially doomed, as Raffi Hovannisian was a perfect sheep. In 2016!

In 2018, Serzh Sargsyan's regime clashed with an organized force, which was nothing but a political lesson. A change of government was inevitable. The RPA elite, Robert Kocharyan's team, Serzh Sargsyan's inner circle condemn Minasyan for what happened, they bring an argument of a thousand (allegedly Minasyan forbade Nikol Pashinyan's arrest on the day of the capture of the radio, etc.). But that's nonsense. The regime was doomed, as the tsarist regime did not stand a chance in February 1917 in Russia, which was thrown into the grip of the Moscow oligarchy. In Russia, the Moscow oligarchy overthrew the St. Petersburg aristocracy, then because of its incompetence, the government gave way to the Bolsheviks, and the country was saved. In Armenia, the purely Armenian regime gave way to the grantees and the American agent network, but the tragedy is that they are not Armenian.