16-02-2021, 08:12
New tremors of small and medium intensity are expected. Hrachya Petrosyan
16-02-2021, 07:58
After the first part of the interview of the third President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to "ArmNews" TV, Nikol Pashinyan's's unbalanced response, to put it mildly, was expected. And while the Armenian society was waiting for the post edited on his Facebook page several times or at least live, we were informed that Nikol Pashinyan was going to give an urgent interview tomorrow.

1in.am's journalist Nver Mnatsakanyan's close circle told 168.am that after Serzh Sargsyan's interview, Nikol Pashinyan ordered to invite Nver Mnatsakanyan to give him an interview tomorrow.

The interview will be published tomorrow, but after the second part of the third president's interview, we could not find out at this moment.
16-02-2021, 07:48
You will remember Varazdat Karapetyan, he was an Imkayil deputy. The one who allegedly wrote to him during the war, told legends about the brave Ashotik, that as if all the soldiers had fled, Ashotik remained under the ranks, did not leave the position. Madame Erato had spread it to her. Then I drew the attention of the NSS and the Police to that blasphemy, then Varo edited the post 4 times, then closed the page, during which time he managed to block me, because I had to click on it properly in the comments.
Then Varo resigned and flew to China as the RA Trade Representative in China.
Under the vote, today Varo has written an application for resignation from that position. He says, "I choose national and public solidarity, unity, Nzhdeh is the brightest hero in this field."
How can you not say, oh ***, from whom, how could you jump? Serzh Sargsyan and Karen Karapetyan were brought, they made you a man, then you jumped into Nikol's arms, you took a mandate, and now you want to jump back into Nzhdeh's arms.
16-02-2021, 07:40
During a rally in support of RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Gyumri, an unknown person hit one of the rally organizers with an egg, after which the peaceful demonstration turned into a fight. Tsayg TV reports that the passions calmed down only after the intervention of the police.

Details in the video:
16-02-2021, 07:19
This is a good day for overcoming professional differences. When it comes to business or money, you are ready to agree with whomever you want. Unfortunately, this tendency does not apply to personal relationships: here you sometimes show stubbornness and rigidity, while instead you had to be flexible and flexible. Financial difficulties are possible, some representatives of the brand will have to give up pre-planned purchases. Long-distance travel is not desirable, it will be tedious and boring.


This is a wonderful day. You win easily, and the defeated opponents run away from the battlefield, no one doubts that you deserve the highest reward. There is an opportunity to move up the career ladder, bypassing several intermediate levels at once. This is a great day to start your own business, to do various experiments in the practical field. Friends support you in everything ացնում entertain you. Romantic dating is unique. There is complete harmony in family relationships.
16-02-2021, 07:16
Let's wait for the clarification of the traitor Nicole և members of his government ... This document is presumably the "third" document pointed out by the nationalist Nicole Tigran, in addition to the well-known documents of the capitulation of November 9, 2020 and January 11, 2021, which The Armenian Foreign Minister was not even aware of ...

Although, in his explanation from the primitive liar-manipulative capitulator Nikol, spadel is superfluous ...

The important thing is that the traitor Nikol is handing over our territories to the Turks via GPS, and the idiot and rot supporting him are guided by Azeri-Turkish facts to protect him ...

From Gagik Hambaryan's Facebook page
16-02-2021, 06:59
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "Nikol Pashinyan convened a meeting yesterday, during which the current situation in the field of taxi transportation and the proposed solutions were discussed. That is to say, he has solved all the problems - territorial, post-war, border, road, electoral, psychological, geopolitical - and now he has decided to "regulate" the taxi sector. And it is as if nothing happened in the country, and probably because of those "taxi drivers left over from the past" it happened that we gave so many victims and hectares of land, so it is necessary to regulate this area a day in advance.

The official message received from the government states: "Reference was made to the unequal opportunities in the sector, the licensing process, possible steps to improve the quality of services provided to citizens, the regulation of regular passenger and taxi services." It is appropriate to remember September 2018, when Pashinyan was the "people's elected prime minister" for several months and immediately started a process of favoring taxi drivers, as if it would regulate the taxi service sector. As a result, he only managed to flatter the taxi drivers, because if in the past the taxi drivers paid at least a tax, got a yellow number, got a license, Pashinyan eliminated it with a stroke of a pen and watered down the fines. And total chaos began to prevail in the field, in the language of taxi drivers, "complicated".
16-02-2021, 06:27
Yesterday, on February 15, a mysterious incident took place in Ararat region. At around 09:30, the Masis Police Department received a call that there were human bones in the area near the central cemetery of Masis city.
As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports from the scene, the operative group of the Mashtots Police Department headed by the head of the Criminal Investigation Department Garik Gorgyan arrived.

The on-site investigation was led by Hovhannes Halabyan, senior investigator of the same department, who is preparing materials on the fact.
16-02-2021, 06:08
"168 hours". Nikol Pashinyan's weakness and strength
"168 Zham" newspaper writes. "The revolution or change of government that took place in 2018 was an anti-political phenomenon by nature. It was the guarantee of the end of politics, because if there was a competitive and viable political system in the country, no revolution could take place.

In April-May 2018, politics finally took to the streets and sealed its mortality. After that, for about three years, politics has neither revived, nor, moreover, returned to the appropriate platforms from the street. The 2018 parliamentary elections and the National Assembly formed as a result of them were just a mockery of politics. The results of those elections and the content of the National Assembly showed that it is better for politics to remain on the streets than to return to a parliament where there is everything except politics.
16-02-2021, 06:06
"People". What did Nikol Pashinyan say at the closed meeting with the deputies?
"Zhoghovurd" daily writes. According to the information of "Zhoghovurd" daily, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was in the RA National Assembly on Saturday, February 13 in the afternoon. He met with the deputies of the NA "My Step" faction. The latter wanted to know at what stage the process of amending the Electoral Code is.

According to our information, it was decided in advance that they would not touch upon other issues besides that, as the main reason for the gathering was the issue of making changes in the Electoral Code. According to our sources, the so-called "stable majority" was ordered to be removed from the law and amendments to the Constitution were made.