4-10-2020, 14:05
Do you want something good? Let me tell you. This is a screenshot of the 52nd second of the last video of "Zinuzh" https://youtu.be/utD6tYeduEg. The firing, you see, is the position of the anonymous Armenian soldier who fired the grenade with a blue square or PTUR. As for the red line, I have underlined the approximate starting and ending points of the tank hull. In the case of T 72/90 generation tanks, it is 3370 millimeters, that is, our target has a front width of about 3․4 meters. Thus, 5 such "corps" fit between the vulnerable tank and the attacker. If we looked at a right angle, we could say for sure that the tank hit from a distance of 17 meters. The angle, of course, is a significant deviation from my calculations, although people with good geometry can definitely calculate the actual distance in meters.
4-10-2020, 13:53
The Defense Army of the Artsakh Republic continues to consistently destroy the enemy's military bases and military equipment. Armed media published a new video about this.
4-10-2020, 13:48
NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan made a post on his Facebook page.

"Something tells me we're going to get some good news soon."
4-10-2020, 13:43
"Ilyush, aren't you ashamed? You are a big boy
"What should I delete?" Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page.
4-10-2020, 13:36
The Azerbaijani side continues to target the civilian population. There are victims in Artsakh.

YEREVAN, October 4 - Sputnik. Azerbaijan has started shelling Shushi, as a result of which there are victims and wounded. Spokesman for the Artsakh Republic President Vahram Poghosyan told Sputnik Armenia.

"Besides, the rocket fire in Stepanakert is still going on. "Unfortunately, there are also victims and wounded in the capital of Artsakh," said Poghosyan.
4-10-2020, 13:30
Ilyush, in fact, you have "reached" Gabriel now. Lies become part of geacint տի Artsrun Hovhannisyan
4-10-2020, 13:27
There are casualties among civilians as a result of shelling by the Azerbaijani side in Stepanakert and Shushi.

Spokesman for the Artsakh Republic President Vahram Poghosyan told Armenpress about this.

"Unfortunately, there are civilian casualties in Stepanakert and Shushi," said Poghosyan.
4-10-2020, 13:25
The war is not over, the caliber is increasing, it is obvious that panic is maturing in Azerbaijan and it can satisfy even before the change of power in that country. Our people have made it clear that we will strike again and we will strike endlessly until Azerbaijan kneels down. Now thousands of refugee cars from different regions are fleeing to Baku in panic, which means that the people of Baku will actually hear what is happening in the border areas and that the official propaganda is a myth. The situation in the Azerbaijani army is also difficult. They have been convinced for years that Armenians are hungry, poorly armed, cowards and that they will win the war in three days, and now the soldiers see thousands of victims, Armenians well armed, Armenians suffering and loss of Azerbaijani positions.
4-10-2020, 13:17
The Twitter pages of Azerbaijani and Turkish officials, without queuing, are now celebrating the liberation of Jabrayil, which is another hoax.

And soon we will present the documentary Escape from Mataghis. RA Ministry of Defense spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan wrote about this on her Facebook page.
4-10-2020, 12:39
They did not know that Edgar was fighting, the President of Artsakh "burned" the child by calling him a hero of Artsakh ․ Gagik Surenyan