16-02-2021, 10:56
NA deputy Gevorg Petrosyan is leaving the "Prosperous Armenia" faction. He announced this on his Facebook page ․


Pursuant to the provisions of Article 3, Part 1, Clause 9 և Article 9, Part 4 of the "Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly", I hereby announce my resignation from the NA "Prosperous Armenia" faction.

Frankly, I made this decision with great difficulty.
At the same time, given that the number one mission of the incumbent is to respond as quickly and adequately as possible to the most important issues for the country and the people in any situation, rather than to take care of personal precaution, it is unacceptable for me to delay taking clear steps. on the occasion of membership in the faction.

The lack of determination to make clear political assessments at the right time about the obvious illegal persecutions and illegalities that have already begun in the country is an unacceptable approach for me, and when I fill in that gap, I call things by their names, causing inexplicable concern to some colleagues.

Due to the above, I no longer find it expedient to be a member of the Prosperous Armenia faction.

At the same time, taking into account the fact that the deputy is obliged to complete the trust given by the citizen, I will continue my work in the National Assembly as an independent deputy ...
I thank my sympathetic colleagues from the PAP faction for the joint work ... ”
16-02-2021, 10:48
The servicemen who died in the battles for the defense of the homeland.

Yuri Surik Sargsyan, born 2000
Gegham Janik Arakelyan, born 1994
Hakobyan Artsrun Atom, born 2001
Poghosyan Ara Marseli, born 1984
Reserve Grigoryan Vahan Sargis, born 1999
Rafael Albert Mkhchyan, born 1993
Garik Garnik Hovhannisyan, born 2001
Samsonyan Shavo Yerjanik, born 2000
Varzhapetyan Narek Vahani, born 2000
Poghosyan Ishkhan Karen, born in 1995
Reserve Kirakosyan Azhdahak Zaven, born 1997
Volunteer Mkrtchyan Aramayis Artavazd, born 1970
Kotoyan Temur Arthur, born 2002
Zheryan Mher Davit, born 2000
Narek Mkhitaryan Mkrtchyan, born 2000
Nikolyan Garegin Hazarapet, born 2000
Yuri Mheri Aloryan, born 2001
Mesropyan Robert Arkady, born 2001
Arakelyan Artak Seyran, born 2000
Atoyan Mikael Sargsy, born 1984
Alexanyan Manvel Alexani, born 1987
Aslanyan Seryozha Aghvani, born 2001
Ghambaryan Kamo Karen, born 2001
Vardanyan Arthur Avetik, born 1985
Martirosyan Anushavan Loni, born 1983
Stepanyan Narek Surach, born 2001
Reserve Hakobyan Stepan Artak, born 1997
Reserve Gyulumyan Voskan Hrant, born 1956
Reserve Galstyan Vardges Tigran, born 1995
Gorgyan Varuzhan Sergey, born 2000
Avetisyan Khachik Gneli, born 2000
Hunoyan Gorg Mnatsakan, born 2001
Manvel Ashot Davtyan, born 2000
Arman Armeni Mashuryan, born 2000
Hovhannisyan Hakob Jonik, born 1998
Melkumyan Samvel Artak, born 1997
Adamyan Narek Aramayis, born 2000
Badalyan Robert Arkady, born 2001
Reserve Isoyan Serob Hovhannes, born 1992
Nikoghosyan Kolya Paruyr, born 2001
Hovhannisyan Harutyun Hayki, born 2000
Javulushyan Tatul Hovsep, born 2002
Khachatryan Aram Arayik, born 2001
Ohanyan Hayk Nver, born 1999
Hovhannisyan Alexey Aramayis, born 2001
Shota Armenak Gorgyan, born 2001
Derenik Armeni Ohanyan, born 1998
Garnik Armeni Antonyan, born 2000
Aljikyan Arsen Loni, born 2001
Asatryan Artak Sahak, born 1983
Artushyan Narek Arsen, born 2001
Reservist Vahram G. Karapetyan, born 1975
Andranik Ashot Mardoyan, born 1988
Amoyan Samvel Saribek, born 1977
Gasparyan Gorg Karapet, born 1985
Demurchyan Andriaz Meruzhan, born 1971
Novikov Dmitry Alexey, born 2000
Zakaryan Mkhitar Vardan, born 1987
Hovakimyan Armen Jirayr, born 1991
Garnik Artak Gasparyan, born 2001
Bogharyan Hakob Gagik, born 2001
Petrosyan Tiran Andranik, born 2000
Reservist Avanesyan Vahik Seryozha, born 1992
Grigoryan Ara Tarseich, born 1984
Tonakanyan Edgar Gor, born 2001
Ashot Artur Hayrapetyan, born 1998
Ghazaryan Arshak Karen, born 2001
Karapetyan Aram Derenik, born 2002
Reserve Tovmasyan Daniel Hakoby, born 1963
Abrahamyan Artak Loni, born 1975
Miskaryan Arkady Gurgeni, born 1975
Hambaryan Haykaz Anatoli, born 1973
Beglaryan Makar Janik, born 1980
Abraham Norhayr Hovhannisyan, born 1993
Frangulyan Rafael Varazdat, born 1998
Asatryan Seryozha Mkrtch, born 1974
Yeritsyan Arthur Avetis, born 1976
Reserve Arakelyan Garnik Ashot, born 1989
Seryozha S. Galoyan, born 1995
Jivan Samvel Grigoryan, born 1991
Varosyan Seryozha Hamlet, born 1991
Harutyunyan S. Harutyun, born 1995
Mkhoyan Andranik Mheri, born 1990
Karapetyan Arthur Karapetyan, born 1990
Mkrtchyan Samvel Serob, born 1985
Martirosyan Martin Mayis, born 1994
Petrosyan Karapet Albert, born 1970
Hovsepyan Firdus Masis, born 1994
Mkhitaryan Volodya Alberti, born 1990
Zhamakochyan Artak Samvel, born 1990
Khachatryan Gor Sedrak, born 1997
Grigoryan Arkadik Sargsy, born 1986
Martirosyan Tigran Sargsyan, born 1995
Zakaryan G. Samvel, born 1997
Balayan Karo Kima, born 1996
Taziyan Ashot Hovhannes, born 1991
Arthur Ernest Asryan, born 1998
Mesropyan Arman Gegham, born 1992
Asatryan Aharon Norayr, born 1996
Mkhitaryan Karapet Hamlet, born 1991
Varosyan Armen Samvel, born 1988
Ludwig Nerses Grigoryan, born 1993
Sayadyan Eric Gabriel, born 1994
Hakobyan Hakob Edward, born 1979
Aghayan Mkrtich Karapet, born 1990
Sarikyan Koryun Radik, born 1990
Sergey Khosrov Vardanyan, born 1993
Tonoyan Martun Aghasi, born 1990
Manasaryan Samvel Harutyun, born 1996
Khachatryan Haykaz Zaven, born 1986
Miskaryan Mesrop Karen, born 1989
Grigory Ignat Tumasyan, born 1988
Reservist Hovhannes Alexander Korkotyan, born 1985
Gaboyan Vaspurakan Garnik, born 2000
Aramayis Gurgeni Muradyan, born 1997
Vardan Albert Konjoryan, born 2001
Simonyan Arman Ashot, born 2000
Badalyan Armen Arsen, born 1998
Saghatelyan G. Ashot, born 2001
Mesrop Vardan Hovhannisyan, born 2002
Brutyan Armen Loni, born 2002
Galstyan Manvel Sargsyan, born 2002
Hovhannisyan Leon Artyom, born 2001
Tadահosyan Karen Vahagn, born 2001
Volunteer Saghatelyan Ashot Melsik, born 1966
Avetisyan Ashot Lyova, born 2001
Arman Artak Matosyan, born
16-02-2021, 10:00
People settled on the ground at the airport. As a result of Tatik Rjazyan 's inaction, 100 passengers encountered problems.

Ordinary citizens of the Republic of Armenia suffer once again as a result of inaction of state officials.

Mediaport wrote yesterday that a number of flights at Zvartnots Airport have been canceled or delayed since the morning, and the reason is that regular flights to the Russian Federation start today, and Armenian citizens cannot leave for Russia by charter flights.

The news about the resumption of regular flights became known on February 3, but so far the Civil Aviation Committee has not regulated the work of the airlines in any way.

The citizens who are going to leave Armenia have settled on the ground at the airport, until they see what other problem they will face due to the inaction of the PKK leader Tatik Rzazyan.
16-02-2021, 09:51
The Artsakh Defense Army has published the names of 133 servicemen killed for the defense of the homeland.
Yuri Surik Sargsyan, born 2000

Gegham Janik Arakelyan, born 1994

Hakobyan Artsrun Atom, born 2001

Poghosyan Ara Marseli, born 1984

Reserve Grigoryan Vahan Sargis, born 1999

Rafael Albert Mkhchyan, born 1993

Garik Garnik Hovhannisyan, born 2001

Samsonyan Shavo Yerjanik, born 2000

Varzhapetyan Narek Vahani, born 2000

Poghosyan Ishkhan Karen, born in 1995

Reserve Kirakosyan Azhdahak Zaven, born 1997
16-02-2021, 09:46
The Homeland Salvation Movement announced that it would hold a nationwide rally on February 20.

YEREVAN, February 16 - Sputnik. Such meetings are regular and take place in different sizes. Ishkhan Saghatelyan, the representative of the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia, informed Sputnik Armenia about this, confirming the information that the opposition leaders, including the 2nd and 3rd presidents of Armenia Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan, met last night.

The current situation and the upcoming actions were discussed.

It should be reminded that the Homeland Salvation Movement announced to hold a nationwide rally on February 20.

It should be added that a similar previous meeting took place on February 2 in the office of Vazgen Manukyan, nominated by the opposition as a joint candidate for Prime Minister.
16-02-2021, 09:25
"What are the creators and distributors of such things made of?"
16-02-2021, 09:13
Imkaylan Hrachya Hakobyan's response to Serzh Sargsyan's interview
16-02-2021, 09:05
There has never been a "neutral" leader in power in Armenia, but there was a big difference. Levon said let's give for peace, Kocharyan and Serzh for status.
Do you know who Nikol Pasha and the gang of idiots were, the only "non-conservatives" who healed the people and gave Karabakh to the Turks under the slogans "Artsakh is Armenia, end?"
Serzh said, "Aghdam is not my homeland," showing that he was ready to compromise in favor of Artsakh.
This pose animal and the former defendant also said that Aghdam is their homeland.
And what happened after ...
16-02-2021, 08:28
Ahead of the rally of the Homeland Salvation Movement to be held on February 20, Nikol Pashinyan had decided to hold a rally himself. In Gyumri.

The Prime Minister of "Zhoghovurd" had sent the so-called "guardians of the revolution" and another bought actor, a "dental technician". So this purchase announced that we had won the war. Nikolenik really won the war, as did Ali and Erdogan, because they were solving the same problem. What!

It is noteworthy that almost no one from Gyumri was in support of Nikol in the event that took place in Gyumri. The "Revolutionary Guards" took part in the 300-member show, which was mainly given the safe name "condoms", the mud brought by minibuses from different villages (these "death gazelles" are shown in red in the picture), and the cheap actor mentioned above - Gnel Sargsyan .
16-02-2021, 08:19
Here you were deceived and told that an Azerbaijani column had been blown up when the Azeris were making our warehouses just 2 km away from Stepanakert.

The same place was repeated a day later, that is, at first half of the people from Gyorbagyor then saw that there was still left and went to the other half, the next day we saw this place from the next hill, it was our warehouses, we told them they did not believe because they would not believe (on behalf of Araik Harutyunyan and General) How many sheep must there be, that I do not know on which day of the war I will leave the warehouse in the same place, in case he knows that there is a saboteur behind him and besides the saboteur is full of drones.