30-06-2020, 08:16
Since March 15, about 8,000 Armenian citizens, who were unable to return to their homeland due to the situation with the coronavirus, have been transferred to Armenia from different countries of the world due to the efforts of the reserve and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the same time, the transfer of 2200 with the support of various benefactors, as well as the negotiations, was organized free of charge. The geography of transportation is very wide, from the United States to Turkey, from India to Russia.

RA Deputy Prime Minister, State of Emergency Situations Tigran Avinyan stated this on his Facebook page, noting that as a result of the flights carried out on the basis of the permits issued by the reserve, more than 40,000 RA citizens returned to Armenia.

In four special flights organized by the paratrooper, batch of medical supplies and equipment needed to fight the new type of coronavirus were transported from China to Armenia, including artificial lung ventilation devices, oxygen supply stations and concentrators. Masks, informed the RA Deputy Prime Minister, parade Tigran Avinyan.
30-06-2020, 08:07
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page. "Citizens who have been employees of the mentioned spheres (employees under civil law) or individual entrepreneurs for at least one day from March 1 to June 15 can benefit from the one-time support of 68,000 drams of the 20th program.

1) Hotel and hotel services;
2) public catering services;
3) tourism services;
4) pre-school education (private kindergartens);
5) activities in the field of sports (sports clubs, swimming pools);
6) Entertainment and other leisure activities;
7) Cinema activities;
8) Activities in the field of photography;
9) Rental of cars and other items;
10) Educational activities in the field of culture, music, sports, dance;
11) Activities in the field of organizing creative, artistic and ceremonial performances;
12) Casino activities;
13) Providing social services to persons in need of health care.
30-06-2020, 08:03
According to one of the issues discussed and voted on at today's sitting of the National Assembly, the Constitutional Referendum, which was planned to be held on the issue of the Constitutional Court, will no longer be ․ There is no need for that! Only immoral deputies and one independent deputy took part in the sitting. The LHP and PAP factions did not attend the sitting.

The deputies with 81 votes in favor were able to make the decision to cancel the referendum. According to the substantiation, there is no need to hold a referendum, as the constitutional changes held in the National Assembly were enough to solve the issue of the Constitutional Court.

Immigrant MP Vahagn Hovakimyan, who reported on the issue, stated that the constitutional amendments allow refusing to hold a referendum.
30-06-2020, 07:52
Actress Lusine Arshakyan wrote on her Facebook page ․


Today, my dear Mother, surrendered her soul to Jesus Christ and found her rest in the Eternal Life of God.
Dear Holy Spirit, comfort me and my relatives
Lord Jesus, remember Your daughter Leah when you come into Your Kingdom
30-06-2020, 07:45
A large number of policemen are on the way to Amulsar. straight
30-06-2020, 07:42
Today, on June 30, the Prosperous Armenia, Homeland and Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun parties presented a report on the crime to the RA Prosecutor General's Office on the case of embezzlement and overthrow of the constitutional order.

Arsen Babayan, a member of the board of the Homeland Party, told reporters that the program includes the whole process initiated and implemented during the last two years.

Vahe Grigoryan took many actions to appoint Vahe Grigoryan as a judge of the Constitutional Court by the "Political Power in an Organized Way" group. Later, Vahe Grigoryan's self-proclaimed chairman of the Constitutional Court, then amendments to well-known laws, in particular the law on sending so-called "illegal bribes" to early-term judges of the Constitutional Court. Numerous criminal cases have been filed against the judges of the Constitutional Court and the pressure on the judges of the Constitutional Court. This was followed by changes in the Constitution, "Arsen Babayan explained.

According to Babayan, during today's special sitting of the National Assembly an attempt will be made to "transcribe their hard work."

Authorities also filed another lawsuit under the article "Transfer of Official Powers".

"This is especially true of the numerous violations committed during this whole process and the transfer of official powers. During the amendments to the same Constitution, our legislation stipulates that only the author, factions or government can make proposals during the first to second readings. Meanwhile, a proposal was submitted by Suren Grigoryan, a member of the State and Legal Affairs Committee, which was accepted by the commission. This is an act envisaged by the Criminal Code, "Arsen Babayan stated.
30-06-2020, 07:38
In the British city of Bolton, a mother swan died of grief when violators broke her eggs.
They hit 3 of the 6 eggs by hitting them with bricks. The male is thought to have disappeared due to stress.
According to wildlife activists who were monitoring the swan, two of these eggs have disappeared, leaving only one.

According to experts, when the partner disappears or dies, the other mourns his loss.

"This is a very sad incident, and we are saddened by the news of the swan's death. We are investigating the incident and urging those who have any information to call the hotline, "said the Royal Animal Welfare Association (RSPCA).

Swans, their nests and eggs are protected by the 1981 Law on Wildlife and Rural Areas. Material source: http://yn.am/?index&p=107490&l=am
30-06-2020, 07:27
On June 22, the leader of Enlightened Armenia Edmon Marukyan addressed a letter to the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Armenia to restore one mandate of the "Bright Armenia" faction of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia. "We have provided legal grounds for the fact that the requirement of the RA Electoral Code is the existence of no less than 1/3 of the opposition in the parliament, and the analysis of the NA Rules of Procedure directly testifies to the fact that only one subject can be considered opposition.
We will provide additional information on the upcoming CEC session and application review procedures. ”

It should be noted that the "Bright Armenia" faction received 18 mandates, but the NA deputy Arman Babajanyan left the faction, who now holds a de facto place among the independents, but de jure defends the positions of the government.
30-06-2020, 07:15
"Zhamanak" newspaper writes. "Former police colonel Sayat Shirinyan, whose existence the public remembered from the incident that took place as part of Daniel Ioannisyan's action on wearing a mask, has recently become strangely active. Recently, he even gave a press conference, spoke about the developments around the Constitutional Court and made some "political analyzes."

Sayat Shirinyan actually acts as a supporter of Robert Kocharyan. In addition to being Kocharyan's supporter, Shirinyan is also a friend of Victor Soghomonyan and the godson and friend of the army of Alexan Harutyunyan, known in the "October 27 Case".
30-06-2020, 07:08
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "1994 Mher Poghosyan, a 36-year-old businessman living in Etchmiadzin, was killed in the village of Taronik in Armavir in April 2010. Former NA deputy Hrant Grigoryan was accused of the murder. Then the crime was re-qualified, and Grigoryan was convicted of violating the rules of handling weapons. He was sentenced to 1 year and 3 months in prison, but did not serve his sentence in full. came out in 3 months.

Eduard Poghosyan, the son of the murdered man after the Velvet Revolution, demanded to reopen the case. 2020 ․ On March 5, 2012, the Criminal Court of Appeal overturned the verdict in the murder case 26 years ago, upholding the appeal of the military prosecutor.