16-02-2021, 13:38
VIDEO. The carpet hugs his son's coffin tightly and swears ․․․ For months, the father did not leave the morgue to look for his son
16-02-2021, 13:24
A resident of Russia's Omsk region has been arrested on suspicion of killing his 80-year-old father, who hit him on the head with a hammer and then buried him in the garden while his father was still alive, SUSK reports. According to the investigation, on February 13, in the village of Ozerka, Isilkulsky district, Omsk region, an 80-year-old father asked his son to give him alcohol, but he refused. The father and son argued, then the son hit the father several times on the head with a hammer. "Deciding that the father was dead, the son wrapped him in a blanket, took him to the garden and buried him. The suspect then told relatives that his father had died and that he had buried him. Concerned relatives called the police, "the website says. The relatives of the pensioner were found near a private house. Investigators found a hammer with traces of blood at the scene. Forensic experts have found that an 80-year-old man died of frostbite. A criminal case has been initiated, as a result of which the 54-year-old son of the deceased has been arrested.
16-02-2021, 13:00
Dear citizens, the misinformation that a strong earthquake is expected in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, particularly in Yerevan, continues to circulate on the Internet. The Territorial Seismic Protection Service of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations officially denies that information again. The Ministry of Emergency Situations urges not to contribute to the spread of false news, panic, to follow only the official messages of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, noting that at the moment the tension at the epicenter of the earthquake continues to subside.
16-02-2021, 12:48
"Today, this situation is incomprehensible to me, that is, if the coup took place on Facebook, today they also want to participate in the rallies on Facebook, all the people who are against their first choice after the coup, which came out in May. It is wrong, it does not happen. sitting in the house like that, nothing can change, ած those who sold the land can not get up from their seats և leave. Singer, former RPA MP Shushan Petrosyan said about this during today's press conference.

Speaking about the February 20 rally of the "Homeland Salvation Movement", Petrosyan addressed the public and said. "Do you like this situation, this unworthy situation, that we have always won, the generation that won two wars, we, who were an example, faced all the problems, but we had a regular army, which is being disbanded today, because not having an army. Today they are distorting the school program, the church, which has always existed, when we did not even have a statehood, we even had a church, they are stoning the church. Who are these people, what do they have to do with me, what do these creatures have to do with us, with our country? They are strangers, if they are not strangers, they are in terrible sin, more than 5000 victims, the blood of children is in their hands, of everyone, not only the people who brought all this to that end, but the people who support it all, all indiscriminately "Those who support the current government are involved in the massacre of those children."

Referring to the latest border adjustments, the former deputy stressed that some steps must be taken. "I must finally get out of the comfortable computer corners into the street," I call on him to come out. Come to the square on February 20, I will be there too, many will be there. People who feel the tragedy, the urgency to get rid of this evil, please leave your comfortable corners և come to the square. It is possible to save the country, why not to return Artsakh one day? I live that dream. ”
16-02-2021, 12:32
Putin says Pashinyan is stupid ․ Hrant Bagratyan
16-02-2021, 12:19
Today, on February 16, a tragic incident took place in Ararat region. At around 12:30 pm, the Masis Police Department 9 911 operative control center of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations received an alarm that an explosion had taken place in one of the houses in Hovtashat village և there may be casualties. As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, the 25th Masis fire-rescue detachment of the Emergency Situations Ministry arrived at the operatively marked place with 2 fire brigades. The head of the Ararat Regional Department of the Police Kamo Tsutsulyan and the head of the Masis Police Department Arsen Voskanyan also arrived. The police found the body of 49-year-old Vahe Vardanyan, a resident of the same village, in the workshop used in the yard of the 2nd house on Teryan Street in the mentioned village. Norik Yesayan, 60, a resident of the same village, first received first aid from the mentioned place, with bodily injuries of various degrees, then was taken to Masis Medical Center. At the moment, the scene is being investigated by the Masis Investigation Division of the Ararat Regional Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of Armenia, headed by Ambakum Grigoryan, Head of the Regional Investigation Department, Samvel Andreasyan, Head of the Masis Investigation Division, and Narek Badalyan, Senior Investigator. NZBadalyan is preparing materials on the fact. According to preliminary information, the explosion took place from an oxygen cylinder. By the decision of the investigator, a number of examinations were appointed, including a forensic examination of the body. Notification. A person suspected or accused of an alleged crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in accordance with the procedure established by the RA Criminal Procedure Code by a court judgment that has entered into force.
16-02-2021, 11:42
People settled on the ground at the airport. As a result of Tatik Rևazyan's inaction, hundreds of passengers encountered problems. Ordinary citizens of the Republic of Armenia suffer once again as a result of inaction of state officials.

Mediaport wrote yesterday that a number of flights at Zvartnots Airport have been canceled or delayed since the morning, and the reason is that regular flights to the Russian Federation start today, and Armenian citizens cannot leave for Russia by charter flights. The news about the resumption of regular flights became known on February 3, but so far the Civil Aviation Committee has not regulated the work of the airlines in any way.
16-02-2021, 11:42
Former RPA MP Shushan Petrosyan referred to the internal political situation in the Mirror Club, the demand for Nikol Pashinyan's resignation and the ways out of the current situation.

Details in the video.
16-02-2021, 11:28
VIDEO. In Gegharkunik, the bride strangled her mother-in-law and presented it as a suicide
16-02-2021, 11:14
An accident at an amusement park in China on February 13. Sixteen people were injured in the crash, Xinhua reported.

"Sixteen people have been injured and three are in critical condition after a carousel fell in a park in central China's Hunan Province," the report said. The park was closed to find out the causes of the accident.