5-12-2019, 21:02
Former Executive Director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Ara Vardanyan has made new revelations about his first arrest on ArmNews TV. “My criminal case is a classic example of political persecution, it is a form of my arrest. Few people know about it, this is the first time I say this publicly. Last year the Prime Minister invited me to a meeting, and I was arrested and escorted to the National Security Service at his reception when I was not even aware of the criminal case, ”Vardanyan said.

During the airing, he stated that the information disseminated by the NSS was false. “It is almost predetermined what the court will decide. I've been running the fund for ten years, what does it mean to close my page? direct destruction.
5-12-2019, 20:46
There is no politician with a higher legitimacy than Nikol yet. L Shirinyan
5-12-2019, 20:39
Personally, I have been told in several places, are you not afraid of criticizing me? Gevorg Petrosyan
5-12-2019, 20:29
The Ministry of Emergency Situations informs that as of December 5, at 10:45 pm there are closed and impassable highways in the Republic of Armenia.

Sotk-Karvachar highway is difficult to pass, and for trucks it is open if the chains are used.

Vardenyan Pass (by Gegharkunik marz) is closed to trucks and difficult for others.

In Mastara and Aparan regions of Aragatsotn region, there is ice on Goris-Sisian highway of Syunik region.

It is snowing in Kapan, Qajaran towns of Syunik province.

There is fog on Saravan-Zangar highway in Abovyan town of Kotayk marz, in Vardenyats mountain pass, in Goris town of Syunik marz.
5-12-2019, 20:11
Artsakh people's security not subject to compromise. Zohrab Mnatsakanyan
5-12-2019, 19:31
Anita Harutyunyan posted a photo on her Facebook page with the caption: "I hate Armenia ... and you ...".
5-12-2019, 19:21
My criminal case is a classic example of political persecution. Last year, the Prime Minister invited me to a meeting, and I was arrested and escorted to the NSS at his reception when I was not even aware of the criminal case. Ara Vardanyan, former Executive Director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, released on bail yesterday, told a similar episode to ArmNews TV's "#Order Problem". “I have never harmed the fund, the information disseminated by the NSS was false.

It is almost predetermined what the court will decide. I've been running a fund for ten years, what does it mean to close my page, I haven't created a fund, there is no one who can close or open a fund. "

According to Vardanyan, there are systematic attacks against the church, the Yerkrapah Union, the second president Robert Kocharyan and the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. “Today we are witnessing the direct destruction of the judiciary. There is pressure on all judges of the Republic of Armenia, it is not necessary to call them. The Prime Minister's humiliating speeches are brutal pressure on judges. ”
5-12-2019, 19:08
After an open letter from the rector of Anania Shirakatsi University Vagharshak Madoyan addressed to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan yesterday the National Security Service broke into the university territory and carried out inspections. It is rumored that the "guests" who arrived on the letter traces were looking for corrupt transactions in the documents and correspondence of the university staff. This was reported by 168.am.

Rector Vagharshak Madoyan confirmed the information about the inspections carried out by the NSS at the university yesterday, but said that he believed in the reasoning presented by NSS employees and did not link their arrival to a letter to the Prime Minister.

“Yes, the National Security Service (NSS) came to us yesterday to check if foreign students were in the country or not. This has nothing to do with my open letter to the Prime Minister, or my dissatisfaction with the Minister. Let me tell you what the reason is, I was told this way: in some universities they have found students who have made up their minds… they have become students to get a resident card in Armenia.

They came to check us out, everyone was there, they didn't detect any problem. And to say, I very much welcome that consistency and I feel more insured, law enforcement officials are actually watching for manipulative things to be done under a different name, and that's fine, we have to be alert, too, ”the rector explained.
5-12-2019, 18:57
By the decision of the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia, Artak Melikyan, Vanik Chaloyan and Anush Hovhannisyan were deported from the ARF.

ARF Supreme Body of Armenia
5-12-2019, 18:48
The waters of Prosperous Armenia Party leader and major owner Gagik Tsarukyan and the revolutionary authorities of Armenia have not been flowing lately. Tsarukyan also claims that the mayor and chief architect of Yerevan have thwarted major foreign investment plans that representatives of the crown prince of Abu Dhabi were about to do. The municipality claims that they did not have free land in the center, but did not reject any plans.

 Tsarukyan also cites other facts, arguing that there is no conducive investment environment in Armenia, and conditions are generally such that they do not attract investment. The construction of a hotel owned by Tsarukyan is also suspended due to the lack of contact with the municipality. Tsarukyan is definitely right in one question. If the government's statements about the investment environment were true, there should have been an increase in investment.

But the opposite is still the case: there are no investments. Therefore, no matter who the Arabs who visited Armenia at the invitation of Tsarukyan were, they had to do their best to carry out their plan and bring money to Armenia. In fact, these people's offer has been rejected and no acceptable alternative has been offered. And this is when Nikol Pashinyan keeps talking about the economic revolution.

Without an economic revolution, of course, there would be no money, and Pashinyan and his team probably understand this simple truth. Why was Tsarukyan's close friends and his investment plans suspended?