30-06-2020, 15:33
Lilit Makunts, the leader of the "My Step" faction of the National Assembly, passed a coronavirus test, the answer is no.

Alen Simonyan, NA Vice Speaker, stated this during a briefing with journalists in the National Assembly, answering the question why those who had contact with the infected deputies, according to the order, did not isolate themselves.

"For example, Ms. Makunts, she passed a coronavirus test, and the answer is no," said Alen Simonyan. The deputy must come, he must come.
30-06-2020, 15:31
According to Armenian News-NEWS.am, on June 15, the head of the Penitentiary of Shengavit Administrative District, his deputy and his assistant, filed a criminal case against the employee of the district administration under Article 309, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code. which was combined with violence.

It should be noted that this act envisaged by the Criminal Code is punishable by imprisonment for a term of two to six years, deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for a maximum of three years.

The criminal case was initiated in the Shengavit police department and sent to the Investigative Committee for preliminary investigation.

According to our information, the cameraman-computer operator of the allegedly subjected to violence Gorg Poghosyan was recognized as a victim in the case and was interrogated.

It should be reminded that on June 18, George Poghosyan submitted a report to the police, informing that on June 15, Razmik Mkrtchyan, the head of the administrative district, and Hamlet Grigoryan, the deputy head of the administrative district, and Andranik Minasyan, the assistant, were forced to resign. However, after being rejected by him, Razmik Mkrtchyan withdrew from his clothes and made sexual insults, then he was beaten by three people, dragged and thrown to the floor, causing bodily injury.

In a conversation with NEWS.am, Shengavit district head Razmik Mkrtchyan denied the fact of using violence against the employee, and he explained the compulsion to write an application by the fact that George Poghosyan is not fulfilling his job responsibilities properly. According to the head of the district, Poghosyan was not offered a job, but was transferred to the guard post.
30-06-2020, 14:14
He had a respiratory problem at home, but did not pay attention to it.

"Since my breathing has gotten worse lately, I went to the doctor and he said that he needed surgery. In fact, I only wanted to have surgery on my partition, but we did a small plastic surgery that didn't work. I had problems during the operation, it lasted for about three hours, "he said, adding that he was fine now.

Diana said that she shot a video about the operation, where she tells about her feelings.
30-06-2020, 13:49
The photos show the official cars serving the head of the Prime Minister's Office Eduard Aghajanyan, near the club owned by him in violation, the club where, according to the publications in the press in recent days, they do not give a cash register receipt.

It is noteworthy that the cars, which are the property of the state, are parked near Aghajanyan's club outside working hours. In other words, Eduard Aghajanyan uses gasoline at the expense of the state, using cars outside of working hours for his personal needs. And this is the staff of the government, the leader of which Nikol Pashinyan used to target the most ardent critics and consider that the country has turned into a state of infidelity.
30-06-2020, 13:33
"You don't understand whether you believe in the government or not. At first they said the virus was not dangerous, but because of the dog, now they say it is dangerous. There are people around me who have been infected, and I believe there is a virus. Now I don't understand whether those numbers are exaggerated or in fact exist, "Mher Armenia emphasizes. He is concerned about how the money coming from abroad is spent. Doesn't the Prime Minister see the current situation?

"Perhaps he likes the fact that all the dissatisfaction is due to the 'degenerate' minister. They say, stay at home, how do they go out and drink beer? ” The singer often posts on Facebook about the government's decisions and concerns. When the bandit extended his quarantine for another month, he was worried about what he would live on when his only means of subsistence was singing. "They want us to stay at home for another year, but let them provide the people with the appropriate means. People have loans, how to live, how to repay loans, utilities. I also pledged the gold in the house because I have no way to live.

Singer Mher thinks that expressing an opinion in our country is a crime and no one has the right to express dissatisfaction. If you complain about the current government, the fakes start protecting them. Or, if you give a negative assessment to the former authorities, their fakes start to protect them.
30-06-2020, 13:27
I would like to inform you that yesterday, on June 29, I addressed a request to the President of the Republic Armen Sargsyan. Edmon Marukyan, the leader of the "Bright Armenia" party, wrote about this on his Facebook page, who also published the application.

In particular, he wrote: "I particularly asked President Sargsyan to clarify what discussions President Ararat Mirzoyan had with him on June 22 when the bill on depriving the President of the right to sign the constitutional amendments adopted by the National Assembly was being discussed in the parliament."
30-06-2020, 13:24
Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan will take part in the July 3 court hearing in the case of Razmik Abrahamyan, director of the Republican Institute for Reproductive Health, Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology at the former Deputy Minister of Health Arsen Davtyan.

The defense filed a motion to summon the minister as a witness. The court upheld it.
30-06-2020, 13:05
David Davtyan, who is recovering from coronavirus, called for adherence to anti-epidemic rules and serious treatment for coronavirus.

"It simply came to our notice then. "Everyone should think that they are sick and not harm the other person," he said in a video released by the government.
30-06-2020, 13:01
Today, the third President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan celebrates his birthday. We learned from his office that the third president was celebrating it at home with family members.

"Serzh Sargsyan receives many congratulations through the official mail of the office, on his Facebook page, through phone calls and expresses his gratitude for the warm words and best wishes. "Serzh Sargsyan wishes all the families happiness and good health during this difficult period, as well as patience and optimism on the way to overcoming all these and other difficulties in our country," the Office of the Third President of the Republic of Armenia said.
30-06-2020, 12:55
The answer of the coronavirus test was also positive for Gagik Tsarukyan's son, Nver Tsarukyan. Some PAP members are also infected. Since Tsarukyan has elderly parents at home, he has isolated himself in one of the houses belonging to him.

PAP leader, NA deputy Gagik Tsarukyan was infected with coronavirus. He wrote the information on his Facebook page, posting a video where Tsarukyan himself assures journalists that "good people are not affected by coronavirus."

"In fact, this coronavirus does not bypass good people. Health to all infected people. God bless us all, ”he wrote next to the video.