17-02-2021, 09:07
The Iranian parliamentary delegation headed by Mujtaba Zonnour, Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, has arrived in Baku.

According to official sources, the agenda of the Iranian parliamentarians included talks with Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov, high-ranking officials of the President's Office, the leadership of the parliament, as well as the head of the Nakhichevan Autonomy.
The details of the negotiation agenda are not published. The Iranian Embassy in Azerbaijan stated that taking into account the historical and cultural commonalities of the two countries, Azerbaijan has a special place in Iran's foreign policy, the visit of the Iranian delegation will contribute to the development of further cooperation.
17-02-2021, 08:59
The first meeting of the representatives of Armenia, Artsakh, Russia and Azerbaijan, which was publicly announced, took place on February 12. Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan met with the official representative of Azerbaijan with the participation of the director of the Armenian National Security Service Armen Abazyan and lieutenant general Rustam Muradov in the area of ​​responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers, according to the official statement.

The spokesman for the Artsakh President said that the return of prisoners, the search for the missing and other humanitarian issues, as well as the fate of the missing during the war in the 1990s were discussed. Material source: http://yn.am/?index&p=116914&l=am
17-02-2021, 08:38
Watch it!
Do you want proof that Shushi was handed over, well, get it. Video
Details from the explosion of Shushi Culture House. "Square"
"Shushi revival" in the government
How should I live? Employee of the RA NSS Border Troops
What would the boys say, which you carefully hide until today? The sister of the victim in Shushi, Arayik Harutyunyan
The Armenian Military Portal telegram channel published a video from the second Artsakh war, in which it is seen how the fortress city of Shushi was "captured".

"It is a small part of how our special detachments find 1,500 militants moving towards Shushi, regularly informing them of their exact coordinates so that they can be destroyed by our artillery (by the way, the boys went to the danger zone to carry out this task, endangering their own life) էին they waited for several hours in surprise and anger how they reached Shushi without any obstacles ոցի shot. Movement with precise coordinates, within two hours of constant communication, could be eliminated with a single stroke

Why was it not done by whose order? I will post the video in detail in two days ... They handed over Shushi և those who handed it over will stand before the court. ”
17-02-2021, 08:19
When the voice of the drone was heard, Nicole entered like a mouse ...
My source in Pashinyan's bodyguard told a story that the Prime Minister is very afraid of becoming public, but today I will tell it. Well-known Russian media manager Aram Gabrielyanov wrote about it in his telegram.

"Thus, in October 2020, Pashinyan decided to become his commander-in-chief and convened a large meeting in one of the state institutions in Syunik. He started teaching wisdom, how to organize the defense of Syunik, etc. But suddenly the disgusting sound of a drone was heard in the sky. And Nikol, like Mikheil Saakashvili in the past, was terrified. Pashinyan started shouting where the basement was and threw himself into a shelter, clearing men and women from the road. The bodyguard barely managed to run away from him. Nicole entered the shelter like a mouse, repeating only: "Save, help."

The bodyguards looked at him with disgust and shame. Five minutes later, the drone's voice disappeared, but Nicole shouted at them, calling for an airplane to check the sky. "And only an hour and a half later, Nikol, soaked with fear, was taken out of the basement, put in a car and taken to Yerevan in armor," said Gabrielyanov.
17-02-2021, 08:05
"Zhoghovurd" daily writes. "Yesterday was a surprise for the members of the NA PAP faction, when they saw the statement of their colleague Gevorg Petrosyan about leaving the faction.

Of course, MP Gevorg Petrosyan has not participated in the sittings of the faction for a long time, does not communicate with the deputies, there have even been cases when he turned off his phone and got lost for a long time.

"Zhoghovurd" daily reported that Petrosyan had been instructed to be more correct in his speeches, he had even been reprimanded for his vocabulary.

He was repeatedly told by the faction that he was a deputy and should be more correct, but they did not even imagine that he would leave the faction one day. It is not ruled out that he will be required to resign. But Petrosyan intends to start a separate active activity. So, there may be interesting developments in the near future. "
17-02-2021, 07:58
It is assumed that the boys were previously buried և 106 bodies were transferred after exhumation
At the intersection of Karmir Shuka-Shekher communities in Martuni region, Azerbaijan handed over to the Armenian side 106 bodies of servicemen killed during the hostilities. This was reported by the State Emergency Service of Azerbaijan.

The rescuers of Artsakh, headed by the director of the State Emergency Service Colonel Mekhak Arzumanyan, returned the bodies to Stepanakert. Everyone is unrecognizable. It is assumed that the boys were buried beforehand;
17-02-2021, 07:36
Videos 17 February, 2021 11:29:
Exclusive archive video Serzh Sargsyan, Robert Kocharyan և Vazgen Sargsyan listening to the song "Mr. Commander" in Freedom Square, 1997 ․.
17-02-2021, 07:24
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is in Gyumri
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is in Gyumri. He is holding a consultation in the Shirak regional administration.

As an Armenpress correspondent from Gyumri reports, there is still unverified information that a meeting with the relatives of the prisoners held in Azerbaijan is planned within the framework of the visit. The meeting will be closed.
17-02-2021, 07:21
The monument to the victims of the Holocaust ...
On February 12, it was reported that the Holocaust, the monument to the victims of the Genocide, had been desecrated and damaged with red paint in Oghakadze Park. Due to the measures taken by the Central Police Department, it turned out that the act was committed by a 36-year-old man. Due to the explanatory work of the police, on February 15, he came to the department and gave a confessional explanation.
17-02-2021, 06:48
"Square". The odyssey of Nzhdeh statue
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "For several days now, contradictory information has been spread about the dismantling of the statue of Garegin Nzhdeh in the Artsakh city of Martuni. First, photos were spread with the caption "Nzhdeh's statue was dismantled in Martuni at the request of Azerbaijan", then it was written that the Russians pushed to remove the statue, Mayor Edik Avanesyan denied it. One of the members of the Council of Elders shared the video of the standing statue. What caused the noise?

Our source said that the pedestal of the statue was built last year, the bust was supposed to be installed in September, but the war prevented it, and it was installed on January 25, 2021, but there was no official opening ceremony.