15-02-2021, 11:28
Arman Begyan, a participant in the last war against Azerbaijan, who lost his leg, was engaged. The engagement took place on February 14, the holiday of love.

"Haykakan Zhamanak" referred to the unexpected acquaintance and love story of Arman and his beloved Mash Torosyan earlier.

The couple met in the hospital ․ Mash Torosyan was taking care of his wounded brother, a war participant, whose legs were also amputated. Arman Begyan was being treated in the neighboring hospital, who lost his left leg due to a serious injury.
Arman and Mash got acquainted right there, fell in love and got engaged yesterday, on February 14.
15-02-2021, 11:16
Prosperous Armenia MP Gorg Petrosyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"Nicole crosses all boundaries

Come on, ape, what terror are you doing to the unarmed and free demonstrators?

Has the arrogance reached the point where the red-billed dwarf (we are not talking about everyone) is arresting the parent of a prisoner of war or a missing soldier?

In other words, does not the parent who sent his cherry to the army have the right to fight to find that cherry, and by your direct instruction, the red-tailed deer beat the grieving parent and take him to the police…

Come on Nicole, I said, I repeat, you are dead, except that the day of your funeral is not known…

"Tell that 'hero' son to be ready, they say the second war is expected."
15-02-2021, 11:14
On February 14, at 11:25 pm, the Martuni regional department of the Artsakh Police received a phone call from citizens that shots had been fired near one of the shops located on Khachatryan Street in the city of Martuni.

The Artsakh Police informs that the inspection revealed that on the same day, at around 11:20 pm, in still unknown circumstances, 25-year-old R., a resident of Martuni, H., 48-year-old resident of Martuni, located in Martuni, with an AK-74 model pistol. He fired shots at a public catering facility belonging to A., after which 37-year-old G., a resident of Martuni, was shot. H. with a gunshot wound to the lower third of his right thigh, with a hip fracture և 27-year-old M. A. was shot in the lower third of the right calf, upper third of the left thigh, and was taken to the Martuni Regional Medical Association with a fracture of the upper third of the right upper thigh.

Besides, the employee of Martuni district who went to the scene, 37-year-old A., a resident of Martuni. While taking the knife from P., he received cut wounds on the third and fourth fingers of his right hand.

The prepared materials were transferred to the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
15-02-2021, 10:39
After the last earthquake, which took place on February 13, at 15:29, 110 aftershocks were registered in Armenia. All of them were very weak, but it is possible that the residents living in Nubarashen village or Erebuni administrative district felt it. Hrachya Petrosyan, Chief Advisor to the Director of the Territorial Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, informed "Pastinfo" about this.

The specialist assured that all the aftershocks were much weaker, only the sensitive devices were recorded. Petrosyan mentioned that the 110 aftershocks had a magnitude of 2 or 3 with a maximum of 0.5. They are repeated at different intervals: there may be three aftershocks per minute, one aftershock per hour.
"Objectively, these are very weak shocks, but the fact that their frequency decreases and the force also weakens, means that the energy is stored in the form of a main shock, which is the strongest in that series."

Petrosyan added that the data are often updated and according to them, no new earthquake with great intensity is expected.

"The data show that moderate or weak tremors are possible, as the seismic regime has intensified not only in the territory of Armenia, but also in the adjacent territories - Georgia, Turkey, Iran on the border zone. "Medium-strength and weak tremors are possible, including in the Nubarashen epicenter, but we have no grounds to say that a strong earthquake is being prepared."

It should be reminded that on February 13, at 15:29 local time, a 4.7 magnitude earthquake was registered by the seismological network of the Territorial Seismic Protection Service of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, 8 km south-east of Yerevan, at a depth of 10 km. The magnitude of the earthquake in the epicenter was 6-7.

The earthquake was felt in the city of Yerevan with a magnitude of 5-6, in the regions of Aragatsotn, Ararat, Shirak, Armavir, Vayots Dzor with a magnitude of 3-4.
15-02-2021, 10:34
"Azeris regularly fire," Agarak village mayor Hayk Sargsyan told Pastinfo, adding that they were irregular in the air.

It is about 1 km in a straight line from the place of shooting to Agarak village. Sargsyan informed that the enemy is just as far away in the inner part of the village, and from the upper part of the village the Azeris have come forward again, now they control the borders from 4 km.

"When they speak, it is heard in the village. Not yesterday, on the first day, they came again, they were located in the upper part of the village. They are four kilometers away, at the top of the village. Before they came forward, they were quite far away, now they have come and sat on the line. We have border guards, the Russians have been on duty around the clock for two days already. They came forward with the permission of the Russians, crossed our border and stood on their line. We also have villages where the roads cross their borders, they allow, they cross. They are one kilometer away from the inside. "

There are 40 houses in Agarak, the areas that used to be part of the village have now been turned into positions. The authorities did not offer help, only the mayor supports the village.

The main road of Agarak has been closed. After November 10, 4 km of the road passed to Azerbaijan and the residents have to use an alternative road, a 6.5 km long road, which is in a deplorable condition.

"It used to be in a worse condition, the mayor has repaired it as much as possible."
15-02-2021, 10:26
Singer Mher Armenia wrote on his Facebook page. "While you are discussing Mher Armenia's" entry "policy, the Turk has entered the country and still continues to enter. Do you think, naive people, how did you allow the Turkish enemy to enter your house? This is the only thing that interests me.
Otherwise, I am less interested in who will enter Armenia, when he will enter politics. "
15-02-2021, 10:11
The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia, consistently continuing to carry out its functions to prevent and detect criminal manifestations in various public spheres, as a result of complex operative-investigative measures, found out that an adult citizen of the Republic of Armenia appeared on "Aziz Muradov" on Facebook.com. According to the data of the same network, he connected with the female relatives of the servicemen considered missing in the war unleashed by the Republic of Azerbaijan on September 27, 2020, including one child under the age of 16, posing as an Azeri, the latter provided false information about their whereabouts and conditions of detention, after which, in order to provide certain information about the missing, he demanded that the mentioned social network send nude photos to its page և videos against in the case of cancer, threatening to kill or use violence against their captive relatives.

The above-mentioned intentional user of the social network exploited people, including a child under the age of 16, who was found to be exploiting a group of females by threatening to use violence dangerous to life or health, as well as by exploiting the vulnerability of the situation.

In connection with the above-mentioned cases, an RA citizen registered with "Aziz Muradov" on the social network was arrested on suspicion of committing a crime within the framework of a criminal case initiated in the RA NSS Investigation Department under the relevant articles of the RA Criminal Code. A motion to remand him in custody was submitted to the court, which was granted.

During the preliminary investigation, about a dozen victims were clarified, who gave relevant explanations about the circumstances of the incident, numerous urgent investigative and other legal actions were carried out, including as a result of searches, the suspect's apartment was found, his mobile phones were confiscated. other items relevant to

The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia warns that using the tools provided by law, it will consistently continue to take decisive action within the framework of its powers to prevent possible criminal harassment of vulnerable persons. is punishable by ten to twelve years in prison.

At the same time, the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia once again urges the public to rely exclusively on official sources, to refrain from all kinds of proposals of dubious origin, and in case of such proposals to immediately inform the law enforcement agencies, thus avoiding being a victim of fraud or other vulnerabilities.
15-02-2021, 10:07
RA Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan wrote on his page. "The next evidence is the state policy of anti-Armenianism in Azerbaijan and the deep roots of ethnic hostility towards Armenians.

Official messages of the President of Azerbaijan about Armenia and Armenians:
1) We will continue to expel those liars (meaning Armenians). They see that we are teaching them a lesson that they will never forget.

2) they have neither conscience nor morality.

3) they do not even have a brain.

4) For 30 years it (meaning Artsakh, especially Fizuli [Varanda]) was in the hands of wild monsters, wild beasts, jackals.

5) The remains of Fizuli are a demonstration of Armenian fascism; they testify to Armenian fascism.

6) It seemed that a wild tribe ruled the city.

7) We must wage a stronger struggle against Armenia and increase the weight of the struggle. We have isolated it from all international and regional programs.

The same words are used by the Azerbaijani military in the videos of the killing, torture and inhuman treatment of Armenian servicemen and civilians.

The details are reflected in the 2020 report of the Human Rights Defenders of Armenia and Artsakh. "In a joint special report on hate speech and hostility against ethnic Armenians in Azerbaijan as a cause of torture and inhuman treatment by the Azerbaijani armed forces on the basis of ethnicity during the war."
15-02-2021, 09:59
The procurement plan for 2021 has been published in the procurement system of the RA Ministry of Finance.

According to that, in 2021 the RA Prime Minister's Office plans to purchase 40 computer chairs, for which it will pay 1,400,000 AMD, and will pay 4,700,000 AMD for 60 head chairs. He will pay 9,120,000 drams for 30 computers.

27,918,900 drams will be allocated for the purchase of premium type gasoline, and 93,043,776 drams for the regular type.

With a few purchases, the Prime Minister's Office will buy 2588 toilet paper with a total value of 446,000 drams.
15-02-2021, 09:50
Some abortion, a complete immoral merit, posing as an Azerbaijani. "He demanded naked photos from the missing relative of the missing person, threatening to kill his relative."
The NSS has caught it, I hope they will close it for a long time.
1. The relatives of the missing and the captives are exploited, deceived and blackmailed in this way by both the births of such prostitutes and the Nicolaitans. These people are completely defenseless.
2. Dear human rights defenders, lawyers, I think that some time ago it was necessary to create some structure to protect the interests of the families of the dead, wounded, missing and prisoners. Nicholas government expels, despises and deceives these people in every way. Their interests must be defended today. They need legal help. A simple example. Thousands of families who buried their dead months ago have not yet received their payments from the state.
3. The message of the NSS ends with a sentence, which in this situation can be considered the peak of cynicism. "The NSS urges the public to rely exclusively on official sources ..." It will soon be 3 years, what official sources are deceiving the people, who are you taking over? If the official sources were to be believed, what would the country be like today?