29-06-2020, 15:25
An explosion took place on the third floor of a five-story apartment building on Prokhodchikov Street in Moscow, TASS news agency reported. A fire broke out in 4 apartments.

Firefighters evacuated 6 residents. According to the Moscow Emergency Situations Service, 5 people were injured, 3 of whom were hospitalized. The fire was contained at 14:32 Moscow time. According to preliminary data, the explosion may have been caused by a gas leak or incorrect operation of the gas equipment. Residents of damaged houses will be provided with temporary accommodation.
29-06-2020, 15:11
After the meeting, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is holding a briefing with the participation of the Ministry of Health's Infectious Diseases Consultant.
Narine Sargsyan, Deputy Director of Medical Care at the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention, and Professor Laurent Papazian, Head of the Resuscitation Department at Nord Medical Center in Marseilles, a leading scientist in the field of medicine.
29-06-2020, 14:24
According to Norayr, the premiere of the song will be with a video clip. "We will shoot the video in the next month, because everything is ready and decided.

There are several disruptive behaviors, due to which we have not yet set a specific shooting date. Unfavorable and changing weather conditions, fears that bother me a lot, the state of emergency are still doing their job, "he said, adding that the premiere of the video will be at the end of the summer.
29-06-2020, 14:10
Former Rector of the Armenian State University of Economics Ruben Hayrapetyan writes on his Facebook page

"By today's order (pictured), Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan illegally instructed the vice-rector appointed by Diana Galoyan to be the acting rector of the University of Economics, drawing attention to the Government's decision No. 1392 / N (https). 3dDtKwl):
Legislation regulating the activities of universities excludes the possibility of assigning the duties of the rector, instead a new acting rector should be appointed, who, according to the current law, should be a doctor-professor.
The vice-rector, who became famous for preparing a ridiculous criminal case for the two cleanest vacations I have provided, is not a doctor-professor, but he is the only "super-loyal" person, by whose appointment D. After the forced resignation of Galoyan, the sponsors of the KGB will keep their influence on the university and will continue to hope that they will be able to hold their only sponsored candidate through an illegal competition.
And since the legislation of the universities does not provide such an opportunity, the Minister of Education and Science "found a genius solution" and was simply guided by the government's decision on schools. It wasn't that good. "You were guided" by the decision on nurseries and kindergartens…

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, dear colleagues of the government team, I appeal to you.
How long are you going to turn a blind eye to this disgraceful neglect of education? Is this how we imagined Armenia after the revolution?
For a long time, I "don't care" about my position, which is why I took the absurd demand to be a doctor-professor on my own initiative a year ago, so that the most worthy candidate would be elected rector. However, these people have not only returned the demand so that their sponsor does not have a problem with being elected, but now they are busy with unheard of, satirical illegalities.

Dear law enforcement agencies, accept this as a report on a crime. This regular illegality contains features of Article 309 of the RA Criminal Code, because it is an obviously deliberate act that harms the legitimate interests of individuals and the state. All the decisions of the given person "while performing the duties of the rector" will be null and void.

Of course, in order to avoid criminal liability, after this revelation, they will have to try to change the illegal order and appoint another person, but the fact of intent and crime will not change. "
29-06-2020, 13:55
The elections are being prepared for the local elections to be held in Gyumri in 2021. We talked about this issue with Artur Hambardzumyan, a lecturer at Shirak State University and a politician. Our interlocutor was the mayoral candidate of the "Civil Contract" party in Gyumri in the 2016 elections.

Details in the video
29-06-2020, 13:47
According to Anna, before giving birth she had a different style, but now she needs comfort a lot in everyday life. "Before, I could even wear uncomfortable high heels, now I prefer sneakers in everyday life, I am a sports fan. I use Adidas from Nike. In everyday life, I choose suitable sports pants, light style long dresses. My last purchase was a dress of that style, which I bought from an Armenian brand. It was very popular with my followers. ”

Anna does not have preferred colors. According to the singer, she often buys clothes made in Armenia. “Our Armenian designers create practical, affordable and very beautiful dresses. In general, I wear Armenian clothes with great pleasure and love them very much, and when I can't find the clothes I want in the shops, I tell Arame's mother my thoughts, she sews because she is a tailor. ”

Anna mentioned that she often goes shopping. "I like shopping very much, but since the range in Armenia is not so great, I do online shopping. "I mostly buy shoes and bags online, I find it difficult to choose clothes," he said, adding that he uses both available brands and well-known brand stores. - I will single out Zara from the available stores, which is very convenient in terms of price and style. I really like Valentino, Chanel, Casadei, Balenciaga, Gianvito Rossi, Dior, Dolce Gabbana. I have a beige bag that I bought from Valentino with matching shoes. I use them very often because I like them very much. ”

Speaking about her cheapest purchases, Anna said: "I have a lot of affordable purchases that people think are too expensive to see. I have a blues, which costs 4-5 thousand drams. ”

The singer also said that she is a big fan of glasses. He has a lot of glasses.
29-06-2020, 13:21
Today is the day of the death of Vahe Avetyan, an officer of the Armenian army, major, military doctor. According to the case file, on June 17, 2012, he was severely beaten by Ruben Hayrapetyan's bodyguard. Arman Babajanyan, an independent member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, referred to this incident in a Facebook post.

The incident took place at the Harsnakar restaurant owned by Ruben Hayrapetyan, where Vahe Avetyan visited with some of his friends to have a party. Doctors were also his friends, who were also severely beaten, but fortunately survived. And Vahe suffered severe brain injuries and found himself in a coma, from which he never came out.

This was another tragedy that our society experienced with the help of the criminal-oligarchic system. Vahe Avetyan was the next to be beaten, killed, committed suicide, humiliated, deceived, disenfranchised. And there was no beginning and no end to that series.

It would not be the end if the society did not decide that all this should be stopped, because there is no other hope that it is possible to do it thanks to someone. At the same time, we all understand that the society is very multi-layered and nothing is clear here, especially since we know how many different ways the Armenian society has been degraded, how different "elites" have destroyed the honor of the society, the inferiority of the society. to inspire a potential victim complex.

Eight years ago we had another victim, we had another grief, another tragedy. And today we don't even have words to say, "the MP wrote.

He also noted that what happened to Vahe Avetyan was a matter of public honor, this was a matter of public existence, and this is where society should pursue the responsibility of the guilty.

"It's not just about legal responsibility, because there are those who are morally responsible: those who created, established, consolidated, institutionalized, enjoyed, and cynically declared that we are all responsible for such tragedies."

On the other hand, yes, we are all responsible for such tragedies, because we allowed the scum to conquer the country like weeds, so that inferiority and cynicism cover everything, digest everything, "he said.

2018 ․ According to Babajanyan, since the Velvet Revolution, what is happening in our internal political life is a matter of public honor, whether this type is thoroughly destroyed or Armenia.

"I am the first in the front line of destroyers. Decide on your line, ”he concluded.
29-06-2020, 13:18
Aram Zaven Sargsyan, who has the only grace to be Vazgen Sargsyan's brother, does not stop serving. The impression is that for this man it doesn't matter who the owner is, he is ready to be a servant at all times and satisfy the wishes of the master. In political terms, the customer remains a customer at all times.

Aram Sargsyan was the client of the former government. He was kept as an overeater in honor of his three brothers. In the end, it seems that his services received compensation and he appeared in the parliament and enjoyed the status of an opposition deputy, but the revolution took place and
After Nikol Pashinyan became prime minister, he started cracking down on the revolution. Aram Sargsyan's sneer, however, did not help. Former customer Nikol Pashinyan, unlike previous authorities, did not want to keep an overeating mouth.
29-06-2020, 13:14
The rapid growth of the number of infected people among the deputies and employees of the National Assembly makes us think that soon the activity of the National Assembly will be stopped for 24 hours by the decision of the ward.

Good health to everyone.

Human rights activist Ruben Melikyan
29-06-2020, 13:06
On behalf of the 35 deputies of the My Step faction of the National Assembly, a draft decision of the National Assembly on declaring the decision to hold a referendum on constitutional amendments in Armenia invalid was submitted to the parliament. Probably, a special sitting of the National Assembly will be convened tomorrow to discuss this bill.

The project says: "The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia decides:

Pursuant to Article 109 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia and Article 107.1, Parts 1, 2 and 4 of the Constitutional Law of the National Assembly and Article 37, Part 1 of the Law on Normative Legal Acts, it is repealed. NAO-001-N decision of the National Assembly of February 6, 2020 "On putting the draft amendments to the Constitution to a referendum".