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18-02-2021, 13:15
Political scientist Gagik Hambaryan wrote on his Facebook page.

As expected, the disgraceful capitulation of November 9, the withdrawal of Armenian positions from the vicinity of the border settlements of Syunik, their replacement were the first swallows with Azeris, what policy Baku will pursue towards the southern regions of Armenia ...

After fortifying themselves in the former Armenian positions, the Azeri Assyrians had to do everything possible to ensure that the Armenians did not feel safe. the security of the residents ...
As it was expected, the residents of Syunik border settlements without security guarantees, safe use of pastures and roads, deprived of forests, started to leave their settlements ...

In an interview with Mediaport, Davit Bek village mayor Beniamin Poghosyan said that the people of Syunik are leaving the village because there are no security guarantees. 20 children have already been expelled from school, the villagers are selling their animals, because after handing over the positions to the Azerbaijanis, they can neither be engaged in cattle breeding nor cultivate the fields ... According to Poghosyan, no one from the government deals with the village. , as the government of the traitor Nikol implements the program of eviction of Armenians from Armenia ...

The eviction of Armenians from Syunik will lead to the destruction of Armenia ... They know that very well in Baku, they will do everything to make the people of Syunik leave their homeland as soon as possible ...
18-02-2021, 12:55
Due to the new realities in the region, both Azerbaijan and Turkey are trying to make the most of the new situation.

Armenia seems to have stepped aside, trying to defend itself on the fact of its internationally recognized borders, while Russia has entered into an active game, has come out alone against Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Russia's steps are aimed at maintaining its spheres of influence. If before he did it with the face of Armenia, today he does it directly with his face.

Today in our region we have folded our hands and stepped aside, instead those who are interested in the region have taken on the roles.

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18-02-2021, 12:37
USSR Russian actor Andrei Myakhkov has died at the age of 82. This was reported by the press service of the Moscow Art Theater. Andrei Vasilich Myakhkov, actor, director, People's Artist of the USSR, was born on July 8, 1938 in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the Institute of Chemical Technology. In one of the amateur performances he was noticed by the teacher of the Moscow Art Theater School. In 1965 he received a diploma from this educational institution and became an actor at the Sovremennik Theater. In 1977 he moved to the Moscow Art Theater. The actor became very popular after the release of Eldar Ryazanov's film "The Irony of Fate or Your Bath Sweet" in 1975. The audience remembers Myakhkov as Ryazanov in the 1977 comedy "Office Romance" as Novoselts.
18-02-2021, 12:16
The tents of the servicemen on duty in the area of ​​Lisagor village of Azerbaijan were blown away by the wind, they were left outside in the cold. This was reported to Tert.am by the conscript's mother, whose son is one of the servicemen on duty in the mentioned area.

"Since February 3, the children have been left in tents. Due to the strong wind, the tents were torn, there are no normal conditions. The cars were parked near the tents, but they did not help, the wind took them away, the boys stayed outside. "There is no position in that area, the tents are just set up, the shift is carried out there," he said.
The soldier's mother also mentioned that the parents are against the soldiers serving in Artsakh, as there are no security guarantees. According to him, the Ministry of Defense did not give any answer. "There is no Ministry of Defense, the dead are dead, the missing are lost, healthy, and the children saved by the will of God are killed alive. They should be expelled from Artsakh ․ "If the children do not have the comfort of staying, why do they keep them?" he said.

Video and photos below.
18-02-2021, 11:56
Shushan Yeritsyan got married secretly

Details in the video
18-02-2021, 10:35
Journalist Zhanna Sargsyan wrote on her Facebook page.

We live side by side with these people.
They appoint a Yezidi girl, you look at that child, and then at the happy and happy faces of the parents.
Let your traditions and traditions go to the writer's lap, who allows you to play with human destinies, who?

By the way, we are looking for this family, in particular, "parents".
18-02-2021, 10:02
A magnitude 5.6 earthquake shook southern Iran on Wednesday night, injuring 10 people, according to preliminary reports. This was reported by RIA Novosti, citing the Iranian YJC news agency.

An Iranian ambulance spokesman said the ministry had not received any information about casualties. According to the YJC, the earthquake caused significant material damage to residents of the southern part of the country, there are power outages.
17-02-2021, 10:27
Grigor Petrosyan, who left the "Prosperous Armenia" faction of the RA National Assembly, will give an interview today. He announces this on his Facebook page.

"Many will get answers to many questions ...," he wrote.
17-02-2021, 10:21
"Bright Armenia" has a normal attitude to Arts ...
I have a normal attitude to the initiative to make Russian the second state language in Artsakh. Edmon Marukyan, the leader of the "Bright Armenia" party and its parliamentary faction, told journalists in the National Assembly on February 17, commenting on the legislative initiative developed in Artsakh, according to which Russian will become the second state language in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.
17-02-2021, 10:17
Video. What is the situation after the war?
What is the situation in Dadivank after the war? How can you go to a monastery? We talked about this with Artsakh National Assembly deputy Metaxe Hakobyan, who recently visited Dadivank.

Details in the video ․