» Syunik was "closed". The government confirmed the forecasts

Syunik was "closed". The government confirmed the forecasts

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In order to cover various topics in the border areas of the RA Syunik region, the journalists need the consent of the RA National Security Bodies, for which they must apply in writing (including electronically) to the RA NSS, according to the RA NSS Border Troops. The necessity of it is conditioned by the created operative situation, for security reasons, as well as taking into account the fact of carrying out border works in the relevant territories of the RA Syunik region, the message says.

Interestingly, this information follows a post by former Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan, who spoke with Russian border guards on the Goris-Kapan road. They showed the former prime minister a document according to which a secret document was signed between Yerevan and Baku on road issues.

MP Karen Simonyan addressed a question to the Prime Minister in the National Assembly today. However, his question was answered by Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, who actually confirmed Bagratyan's information about the Goris-David Bek road section.

One of the points of the trilateral statement is about communication through Syunik, in fact, one of the Russian-Turkish "security corridors" envisaged in the territory of Armenia, which in fact means the alienation of Syunik, or as the Prime Minister said, "building a new security system." The Russian-Turkish control of the roads passing through Syunik is the guarantee of the implementation of that program. Moreover, it is noteworthy when this joint patrol agreement was signed or reached, on the day of the signing of the trilateral declaration or after it. Details are very important and answer many questions.

The Armenian government confirms the predictions, as well as the fact that the alienation of Syunik is taking place through joint Russian-Turkish planning and coercion. It was during the hostilities on the borders of Syunik that Russia announced that it was relinquishing its direct and CSTO obligations to Armenia.

It was also announced in the National Assembly today that alternative roads will be built in Syunik. This is another testimony. The Armenian government is thus acting under the coercion of the occupiers. Restrictions on the work of journalists or a new order indicate that there will be a continuation.


It should be noted that today during the NA-Government question-answer session, MP Taguhi Tovmasyan noted that a while ago she received another alarm that people in Srashen and Shikahogh communities of Syunik region heard shots, do you have that alarm?