Armen Gevorgyan died

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Today, at age 56, singer and musician Armen Gevorgyan passed away. For the past three days, the musician has been in the reanimation department of the Republican Hospital, where doctors were fighting for his life.

Armen Gevorgyan was born in Gyumri. Graduated from the local Russian school, then studied for a year at the Russian Gnostic Academy of Music in Moscow. He returned to Yerevan and entered the Pop Art Studio of Hayhamerg. Worked at the State Song Theater of Armenia until 1994. In Moscow he taught at the Russian Gnostic Academy of Music at the same time at the Institute of Contemporary Art. 2004 Returned to Yerevan and until 2011 In 1967 he taught at the State College of Pop and Jazz Art of Armenia. In 2009-11 he was the artistic director of the Arevik children's vocal-instrumental ensemble of the Public Television and Radio Company of Armenia. In recent years he has also been teaching at Yerevan State College of Culture.