» The failed blackmail of Baku և Moscow's harsh reaction

The failed blackmail of Baku և Moscow's harsh reaction

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The possibility of Azerbaijan's membership in NATO was discussed in Turkey. Turkish security analyst Mete Yarar did not rule out the possibility of Azerbaijan joining NATO. Speaking about Russia's role in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, he noted that Russia does not want to have one problem in the region, but did not rule out that Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine will join NATO, which will be a big "nightmare" and "misfortune" for Russia.

This statement was followed by another, no less remarkable hint, which was already made by the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Asadov. At the meeting of the CIS heads of government, the latter hinted that Azerbaijan may leave the structure, as the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is an obstacle to the development of comprehensive cooperation within the structure. It is clear that the only link between Russia and Azerbaijan today is the CIS, which, it seems, Ali wants to cut.

There is no doubt that Turkey, which made Ali its own puppet, has such a desire in the first place. The latest statements from Azerbaijan are nothing but blatant blackmail against Russia. However, it seems that blackmail does not give the expected result ․ This is evidenced by the signals coming from Moscow. On the one hand, high-ranking Russian officials have begun to speak more objectively about Azerbaijan և importing terrorists from Artsakh to Artsakh, on the other hand, Russian pro-Kremlin experts have intensified, arguing that Artsakh should be helped to curb Turkey's appetite in the Donbas և Crimea. In response to messages from Russia, Ali's statements become more harsh and accusatory, which is not in the interests of the dictator in Baku.

Unsuccessful blackmail has one more negative impact on the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem. Willingly or unwillingly, rumors about NATO have irritated the Iranian military-political leadership. It is natural that Iran will not tolerate NATO military bases on its borders, this is what the harsh signals coming from Tehran to Turkey and Azerbaijan in recent days speak for themselves.