» Why does Kocharyan need 2 million?

Why does Kocharyan need 2 million?

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And so, Robert Kocharyan sued the Republic of Armenia and demanded 2 million drams, because in March the court published information containing medical secrets about his health condition. In fact, the man had been shouting for months through lawyers that he was ill, needed treatment, was tortured without changing the measure of restraint, etc., and after his release he sued the state for publishing information about the same disease. But let's leave the legal side of the issue to the specialists. In the end, the court will decide whether to satisfy Kocharyan's demand or not. The question is much more important, why does Kocharyan need all this, what is his goal?

It is clear that Kocharyan does not need that 2 million drams. He did not, did he, declare that his family is one of the 200 richest families in Armenia (and the wealth, of course, was obtained exclusively through honest work). There is also no problem of taking revenge on any specific official. If the demand is met, that amount will be paid from the budget, that is, the taxpayers will pay (as if they have paid less in ten years). Therefore, his move is based on political calculations. What calculations are we talking about?

The public reactions to Kocharyan's move to sue the Republic of Armenia and demand 2 million drams were quite predictable, and the "unprecedented impudence", "unprecedented cynicism" and other such assessments were not the harshest at all. But it was obvious that this first wave of indignation would be followed by a second one, this time against the authorities and the Prime Minister himself, and he would say "he is doing very well, that is not enough for you", "did you see where your velvet went" and the like. in other words. In other words, it was obvious that as a result of Kocharyan's behavior, the public's anger would be directed not so much at Kocharyan (calling the public attitude towards him "anger" is almost a compliment), but at Prime Minister Pashinyan. And, according to Kocharyan's calculations, the latter will be forced to pay tribute to the public moods and at least in this case to give up "velvet". In any case, Kocharyan, in his opinion, will win in case of any solution. The court will reject the lawsuit, it will make a fuss all over the world that "the judicial system is the puppet of the authorities", its rights are being violated, etc., the court will satisfy his demand, a significant part of the society will be disappointed by Pashinyan's "weakness" ...