» How was the life of the little girl who dared to kiss Stalin on the cheek?

How was the life of the little girl who dared to kiss Stalin on the cheek?

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How did the life of the little girl who dared to kiss Stalin's cheek turn out? Little Vera Kondakova was known throughout the USSR as a girl who was able to kiss Stalin.

And what role did that event play in his life? Little Vera could not even imagine that she would be honored to personally present flowers to the USSR leader. Before the famous event, Vera was an ordinary student in one of the capital's schools.

His father worked for the Ministry of Forestry and his mother was a housewife.

The family lived a rather modest life. Vera herself was a creative girl. At the Pioneer House, he attended singing and art classes. The members of the ensemble often performed in front of foreign guests during government meetings.

As it turned out, once the governing bodies were present at the rehearsals of the ensemble, in which Vera Kondakova also took part. The girl stood out from the others with her beautiful words and strictly Slavic appearance.

Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. During the May 1 celebrations, the girl was to congratulate Joseph Stalin and give him flowers. On May 1, the whole Kondakov family seemed to be on needles.

The parents were worried because they were not sure if their daughter would be able to carry out such a mission. They gave her a big and very heavy bouquet and once they explained what to do. Vera remembers that she was very worried, so she went to the square with big steps, not matching the rhythm of the music.

Joseph Stalin stepped forward a little, and at the same time Vera approached him, saying the memorized congratulation. The girl was then placed on a chair from which she enjoyed the parade. Vera was very happy to watch people walk and greet her with their hands. Unable to control his emotions, Vera kissed the leader on the cheek, and the latter, in response, hugged the child and kissed him again.