» "Kocharyan's lawyers' withdrawal of the application was a wrong step." Edmon Marukyan

"Kocharyan's lawyers' withdrawal of the application was a wrong step." Edmon Marukyan

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"In the application of the Prosperous Armenia faction, the unconstitutionality was disputed by one point, we must add at least 3 points to that application, a new application will be made, and, of course, if our partners keep their signatures, the signatures of the two factions will join, and a new application will go to the Constitutional Court." "Taron Simonyan, a member of the" Bright Armenia "faction, said in a conversation with journalists in the National Assembly.

Edmon Marukyan, the leader of the "Bright Armenia" faction, mentioned that since the ball was not thrown in their field, after presenting their position, the reality has not changed. "Kocharyan's advocacy team is withdrawing its application, which is a wrong step, because in any case, the case will be examined, and it would be important for their application to remain in that case." We also think that a decision should be made in this case. Withdraw the application with some sauce that the application for the rule of law is withdrawn, knowing unequivocally that the case will be investigated, whoever was there, they were deceived. They say we are withdrawing the application, there is no precondition for that, it is a lie. If we were asked, we will withdraw the application, you will apply, we would say it is pointless to withdraw the application at all. If there was such an opportunity, they could have asked Mr. Tovmasyan and the judges of the Constitutional Court to consider the case, for example, yesterday, and make the decision today, and we would have submitted the application tomorrow. ”