» I will vote against the referendum even if the PAP is for it. Gevorg Petrosyan

I will vote against the referendum even if the PAP is for it. Gevorg Petrosyan

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I will vote against, even if the faction is for, I exercise my right to vote. Gevorg Petrosyan, a member of the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), told reporters in the National Assembly, referring to the forthcoming Constitutional Referendum.

He noted that the authorities understand that the Constitutional Court cannot satisfy their "ambitions" with this staff, so they put forward such an agenda and bypassed the referendum.

“But the draft had to be adopted in the first reading and go to the Constitutional Court, and if it was not adopted in the first reading, that draft should be removed from the agenda. The National Assembly may adopt a decision on referendum if the Constitutional Court gives a positive opinion, comes in second reading and the law is not adopted. Then only by law he has the right to put the question to a referendum. If there is no Constitutional Court, this draft cannot be adopted and put to a referendum, ”Gevorg Petrosyan said.

In his opinion, something that happened in the parliament yesterday contradicts the content of different legal norms of Armenia. He noted that the Prime Minister's speech was not convincing for him because the speech should have been devoted to justifying why Article 213 of the Constitution should be amended.

Speaking about the PAP's position, Petrosyan noted that the PAP welcomes the referendum, of course, if the subject allows for a referendum. “We cannot hold a referendum and decide whether the sun is coming out of the east or the west. I find that Article 213 of the Constitution should not have been discussed at all, moreover a referendum would have been held for this one change, ”he said.

Asked if there will be a referendum on whether the PAP will vote for a yes or no vote, Gevorg Petrosyan said he cannot speak on behalf of the party now.