» Araik Harutyunyan talks about flu epidemics

Araik Harutyunyan talks about flu epidemics

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RA Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan posted a post on his Facebook page.

"These days we are receiving messages in which our citizens are concerned about educational outbreaks, especially in schools, of possible outbreaks.
Keeping in touch with Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan daily, I have noticed that there have been no dramatic changes in the epidemic background. I have personally been to two schools today, where yes, there were lower attendance classes, but there were classes, mostly where absences did not exceed 10 percent.
Yesterday I also sent a letter to the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Suren Papikyan asking for additional measures to ensure proper heat treatment in schools in the coming cold days.

We keep in touch with the health department, and if we change the epidemic background, we will provide additional information and, if necessary, take action. "