7-12-2019, 21:45
Armenia has been at the epicenter of the world-renowned Transnational Center for International Policy and Turkey's joint struggle for a security zone in the Karabakh-Azerbaijani conflict along the 105-kilometer border with the Islamic Republic of Iran (currently controlled by the Artsakh Republic Armed Forces) as a NATO peacekeeping force. Their end goal is to drive Russia out of Armenia and the South Caucasus region.

And so, in 2019, On December 2, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan posted on his Facebook page a video prepared by the Government of Armenia for 2019. and 2020 about programs. Particularly, they were brought there in 2019 by the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia. January-October data. I will not hide reading the summary of the "Prime Minister" or: "Thus, we have reason to argue that economic growth in 2019 will continue to increase. will be close to 7%. We hope that it will exceed the 7% threshold, "my temptation was great, as did my colleagues with a wealth of macroeconomic knowledge, to advise Nikolov Vovaevic that the additions to GDP growth would not make much sense in their critical sense. For example, the increase in services referred to by the "Prime Minister" is quite different, given that 22.9% of the total volume of services comes from gambling (casino, gaming, etc., etc.), see " Socio-Economic Situation of the Republic of Armenia for January-September 2019 ”, page 48). There is also the question of the progressive pace of import volumes compared to the increase in export volumes. So if 2018 The trade deficit of Armenia amounted to $ 2014.0mln in January-October. In the same period, the trade balance deficit was already $ 2127.7 million. Thus, the growth of trade deficit in Armenia amounted to $ 113.7 million, which will negatively affect the balance of payments in Armenia. Not to mention the decline in agriculture and electricity production. let's say 2019 Electricity production in Armenia in January-October made 2018 99.7% of the January-October level ("Socio-Economic Situation of the Republic of Armenia for January-October 2019", page 19).

Dear reader, it is quite right to ask a question: But what is the temptation I mentioned above? And here it is, 2018 In January 2011, the World Economic Forum (DAC) in Davos adopted the need to move to a new indicator of the country's economic performance, called the Inclusive Development Index (IDI), instead of using GDP per capita as a key indicator of countries' economic development. ). It is noteworthy that in 2018 Announcing the IDI (hereinafter referred to as Index-AG) in Davos, the need to reorient economic policy priorities to more effective counteraction to inequality and inequality leading to technological change and globalization. Moreover, the index seeks to expose economic information to the public, as well as to inform the public about specific indicators that will help sustainable economic development and ensure a steady increase in population welfare. It was also clearly stated at the Davos FAQ that the steady and comprehensive progress, coupled with an increase in the income of the population, along with its economic opportunities, protection of life and quality of life, should be recognized by politicians as the main objective of economic development. At the same time, it was emphasized that the index is based on 12 indices, which are grouped into three groups, which assess the level of economic development much more widely than GDP growth. As mentioned above, the additions to the index are divided into three main groups.

The first group includes indicators such as the growth and development of the country, which include the following indicators: GDP per capita in US dollars; labor productivity; expected active life expectancy; employment of the working population.

The second set of indicators determines inclusion, that is, income-based population coefficient; poverty rate; by the allocation of funds, the stratification factor of society.

The third set of indicators determines the succession and sustainable development of generations, namely the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions; public debt; coefficient of demographic burden.

Dear Reader, I have presented the index parameters in such detail so as to draw your attention to the fact that Of the 12 parameters of the above-mentioned index, none of the 12 parameters of the above index has ever been raised in the debates on the budget draft, which were attended by more than a hundred MPs of the National Assembly, whether in the NA Committees or in plenary sittings.
7-12-2019, 20:30
Urgently Spread: Serzh Sargsyan's Open Letter to Pashinyan ...
7-12-2019, 20:29
Hayk Manasyan wrote on his Facebook page:

"Just on H1, news reports on seismic stations in the news release showed a map for some time on a monitor that read Azerbaijan instead of Nagorno Karabakh. Artsakh was not on that map at all.

And this is no accident. The news of H1 with all its staff is under the control of the NSS. Without the permission of the above, such shots are impossible to air.

So, soon there will be a series of dismissals submitted by the News staff.
Or, more likely, Aleikum-a-Salam ... "
7-12-2019, 20:16
Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan wrote on his Facebook page: “Yesterday, one of the most important people in my life, my grandmother Armenuhi, passed away.

Funeral service on December 8 at 18:00 in the funeral parlor at Bagratunyats 44/2 (adjacent to the trolleybus train station). "
7-12-2019, 20:11
“The court of general jurisdiction of Ararat and Vayots Dzor marzes presided over by Grigor Hovhannisyan has finished the trial of the case of Hamlet Kh.

Hamlet K., 67, was charged with premeditated murder under Article 104 (1) of the RA Criminal Code.

Hamlet Kh was charged with the premeditated murder of his beloved daughter, 39-year-old Lusine.

According to the indictment, on the night of April 20, 2018, at about 4 pm, Hamlet Kh., Under the influence of alcohol, was hit by an unpleasant sound from his daughter sleeping in the living room of his home in Masis city. She demanded that the girl not give a voice, then allegedly realizing the dangerous consequences of her actions approached her daughter, punched her in the face with the girl's vital organs - head, face, chest, and punched her. injuries after intentional daughter caught the front of the neck, on the other hand, closed the press
7-12-2019, 19:46
Popular Russian model Victoria Lopiryova legalized her relationship by marrying billionaire, owner of Tashir Group, former son-in-law of Samvel Karapetyan Igor Bulatov.

According to Model, the wedding ceremony was quite beautiful and modest with the couple's relatives and close friends; “I have attended millions of wedding ceremonies in my life, and if they had ever asked me what the ideal wedding ceremony was for you, I would have answered just the wedding that was mine. We have many friends all over the world, and since it is difficult to get them together at this time, we decided to get married first, and then have a wonderful wedding evening. But I don't have the strength to organize such an evening right now, "Lopiryova said.

It is worth reminding that in February 2019, the son of the couple, Marc-Leonell, was born, who was named in honor of Barcelona and Argentina national team player Leonel Messi.
7-12-2019, 19:28
The EcoNews.am environmental information site continues to receive alerts from various citizens and provide information on wild animals kept in detention in the Republic of Armenia, as well as on the maltreatment of animals. This time an alarm was heard from Gyumri, where a monkey is kept in inhumane conditions.

“A monkey is kept in an intolerable, unbearable environment next to an abandoned restaurant in Gyumri Park. Today I noticed that passers-by are spitting, spitting on it ... how can we save this animal? It is next to the Oasis Restaurant in Gyumri Park, ”said the alert citizen.

The latter also mentioned that it was a restaurant owned by former Mayor Vardan Ghukasyan.
7-12-2019, 19:21
An emergency has been registered in Yerevan today. At 12:00 a number in the Homeland
At school No. 154, a dog attacked a 17-year-old girl who was going home from school.

The mother of the child said that two dogs had been attacked that had not been sterilized. The child reported that accidental passersby had come to his rescue and rescued him from the dogs, but one of the dogs managed to bite the girl's leg. The baby was taken to the hospital, he received all the vaccinations, now he is fine.
According to the girl's mother, there are many dogs in the area, but this is the first time people have been attacked and bitten. They do not want to kill or harm dogs, they can simply move to a suitable location.
The municipality has already been informed and responded to the incident.
7-12-2019, 19:04
Narek Malyan, the leader of the VETO movement, posted a post on his Facebook page in which he noted that Arthur Sakunts received a $ 221,000 grant to "give up land". The full record is as follows:

“Everyone knows Soros Artur Sakunts, but few are aware that Sakunts received $ 221,000 from the Soros office in January for campaigning for land. Say it out loud, 221,000 ... and it's still just a grant.

Let me remind you that George Soros, who finances Sakunts, is in a very close relationship with Aliyev.
7-12-2019, 18:40
According to our information, the Court of Appeal will satisfy the motion of Robert Kocharyan's lawyers and he will be released. The point is that there are no longer any doubts that Kocharyan may impede the preliminary investigation into freedom. That phase is now over and the case will go to court. Because it is legally vulnerable, the Judge in the Court of Appeal understands that a failure to uphold a detention order will be a major issue for the ECHR in the future.

It is known that the prosecutor Gevorg Baghdasaryan filed a self-challenge motion with Judge Mkhitar Papoyan at the Court of Appeal during the March 1 hearing of the lawyers' appeal on Robert Kocharyan's restraining order. The prosecutor argued that a criminal case was opened on the basis of a judge's report on the investigation of Kocharyan. Therefore, according to the prosecutor, the court cannot be impartial. Kocharyan's lawyers objected to the prosecution's motion, and the injured party insisted that the judge's impartiality was questionable. Even if the petition for a challenge is upheld, the decision will not change.