7-10-2020, 11:53
According to media reports, the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan is returning from Artsakh and is scheduled to meet in Yerevan. in the zone.

According to hayeli.am, in addition to meeting with the ambassador, President Kocharyan also met with two Russian officials.
7-10-2020, 11:48
The translation of the scandalous application of the wife of the injured pilot of the Azerbaijani Air Force has become available. The government of Azerbaijan is doing everything to block it everywhere. The text reads: "I, the wife of the killed pilot of the Azerbaijani Air Force Valiyev, Sabin Chingiz Kiz, address all the citizens of Azerbaijan and the governments of different countries. 2020 On October 3, my husband, Vali Sabir, the pilot of the Azerbaijani Air Force, was wounded in Karabakh. He died, but his body has not been found. We have two children. His colleague (I can't say his name) called me and told me the news. I asked why Sabir was not catapulted, he answered that we can not be catapulted, it is organized so that we are not captured, because the Turkish pilots are flying with us, both of them have already died. And if they or we are taken prisoner, Azerbaijan will have big problems, we have a one-way ticket. It does not matter to me what problems Azerbaijan will have. His colleague also said that the soldiers' condition is worse, they are sent to attack without the support of armored vehicles, like meat.

Thousands of corpses are rotting, it violates our Islamic customs, and our Ministry of Defense does not stop its actions to remove the corpses. Another soldier told me that a soldier is being thrown into battle with the rubbish from the Middle East, there are real criminals, the soldiers are not spared, several hundred soldiers are killed in battle, the commanders are afraid to tell the truth to our president so that they are not punished, they fight They are throwing new and new forces. The military tells me that if the population finds out about our losses, it will simply destroy the government. I see many photos of our slain martyrs who were martyred, but to the top they are just flesh.
7-10-2020, 11:27
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had another telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prime Minister Pashinyan congratulated President Putin on his birthday. He sent warm wishes on this occasion, wishing him success in fulfilling the high mission of the head of state.

The parties also discussed the situation in Nagorno Karabakh, calling for an immediate end to hostilities.
7-10-2020, 11:11
Spokesman for the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Azerbaijani President Ilham Ali had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, congratulated him on his birthday, after which the sides discussed the situation in Nagorno Karabakh, RIA Novosti reported.

"It simply came to our notice then. The parties made a brief reminder to discuss issues related to Karabakh. "The dialogue will continue."

It is noted that the presidents also discussed the prospects for the development of Russian-Azerbaijani relations.

According to the source, this is the first telephone conversation between the "Russian leaders" of Azerbaijan after the escalation of the conflict.

It should be reminded that on September 27, the Azerbaijani armed forces launched a large-scale attack in Artsakh, targeting the civilian population.

As of October 7, the Artsakh Armed Forces attacked the enemy with 16 helicopters, 17 planes, 126 unmanned aerial vehicles, 379 pieces of armored vehicles, mainly tanks, 82 vehicles, 10 armored personnel carriers, one "TOS-1A" heavy artillery system, 4 "Smerch" և 1 "Hurricane" type volley fire jet systems.
7-10-2020, 11:04
"According to the verified data, one Azeri motorized rifle battalion with a reinforced artillery division and a special detachment was destroyed near the damaged oil depot. It can be said that it is a whole large military unit, "said Artsrun Hovhannisyan, a representative of the RA Ministry of Defense, during today's briefing.

SHANTNEWS.am reported earlier that as a result of brilliant actions carried out by the Artsakh Defense Army, the Azerbaijani army destroyed another large stockpile of vital oil products.
4-10-2020, 21:05
The governor posted a video, but did not answer the users' question about where the snow is coming from.

YEREVAN, October 5 - Sputnik. Gegharkunik Governor Gnel Sanosyan posted a video and photos on his Facebook page, in which he complained about how a thin layer of snow covered the road.

"2020 continues," he wrote.
4-10-2020, 21:04
Inter-ethnic conflict expert, journalist Nairi Hokhikyan wrote on his Facebook page. "Azerbaijan has already lost 43% of its tanks և HMM arsenal. During the first 7 days of the large-scale war unleashed, according to official information, Azerbaijan lost 368 tanks - HMM (rear combat vehicle). Getting acquainted with the military equipment in the arsenal of Azerbaijan, we know that our enemy has. 100 T90 tanks, 470 T72 Aslan tanks, 95 T55 tanks,
4-10-2020, 20:39
"Step inside ..." Armenian artillerymen fire directly at enemy trench (video)
4-10-2020, 20:17
Greeks, Russians, Serbs and other nationalities from all over the world joined the action of sending "Snikers" chocolate candies to the Armenian soldiers fighting against the Azerbaijani-backed Azerbaijani terrorists fighting on the line of contact between the Artsakh and Azerbaijani armed forces. As reports "Armenpress", the Greek media Greekcitytimes informs about this.

The media outlet notes that a custom is emerging on the front lines of Artsakh, which may seem strange at first glance, but should raise the fighting spirit of Armenian soldiers in the Turkish-backed war against Azerbaijan.
4-10-2020, 20:16
The Azerbaijani side, even without presenting a single piece of evidence, now declares that the Armenian armed forces have allegedly targeted the territories of Khiz և Apsheron. Another lie clearly proves that Azerbaijan is preparing the ground for provocation. Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense Shushan Stepanyan wrote about this on her Facebook page.