29-08-2020, 17:49
Gohar Avetisyan is in Sochi these days. Yesterday, in the bottom section of his Instagram page, he showed how Armenian hairdresser Georgy Kot bought a Porsche Panamera car. Gohar said that the day was historic because Georgi had been driving the same car for about ten years and had not bought a new one.

"A few days ago we were talking to Georgi և I, literally, persuaded Georgi to buy a new car. Yesterday we came and chose the car. He deserves more because he works hard. "Friends, work hard, but do not forget to make yourself happy," he said.

Gohar presented red roses to Georgi to buy a car and hung a gold cross in the car.
29-08-2020, 17:37
Willingness to live or die for the sake of the homeland is the highest point of consciousness that a person can reach.
Nikol Pashinyan
Do not believe a fake person, Pashinyan
The evil one has definitely brought him out against you,
Be invincible, strong-willed, unwavering,
To build a strong country Armenia ,,,
29-08-2020, 17:34
Former FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"I feel great regret and anger following the active discussions on the Internet regarding Henrik Mkhitaryan not joining the upcoming training camp of the national team. The matter has reached the point that insulting and slanderous comments are written to the pride of Armenian football, to all Armenians, and statements are made denigrating the undeniable great role of the services rendered to our football and our homeland.

Not even knowing why he did not attend the Heno Rally, I can say for sure that he could have done so only if there were very compelling reasons or circumstances that made his participation impossible.

And I have to disappoint the authors of the assertion that Heno's decision could have been due to a good or bad relationship with me or others, because Heno's patriotism goes far beyond this relationship with this or that person. And in general, he is one of the most patriotic Armenian football players I have ever known, who has never proved it, both on and off the field.

Let us understand and appreciate that he has done this very often, endangering his health and standing above narrow personal interests. Heno is a unique patriot who knows how to do charity, who knows how to do charity, often not even talking about it.

When he needed to, he was in Artsakh, when he needed to, in a border village of Armenia, in an orphanage, in a hospital, next to his people and his soldier. And even the fact that the person who actively and openly spoke out against the Armenian army of the Artsakh Republic in those days, and now holds the FFA presidency, could not be a reason for Heno not to join the national team.

It seems that not only the heroes of Artsakh's struggle for survival, our victorious army in general, but also our national pride in any sphere - Arthur Aleksanyan, Roman Amoyan, now Henrik Mkhitaryan - how far? until when?
29-08-2020, 16:32
The draft amendment to the 2006 Law of the Republic of Armenia "On Roads" submitted by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure was submitted for public discussion on the e-draft information platform.

It is envisaged to supplement the current law with one point, to set a toll, which will be directed to the development of the road network, the construction of state roads of general use in Armenia, the creation of funds necessary for repair and maintenance.

According to the proposed legislative change, the toll will be mandatory, the toll system will be introduced by the public administration body authorized by the Government of Armenia, in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Procurement.

The toll rate will be set for each kilometer of the road, up to 50 (fifty) AMD including the Republic of Armenia. The rate of toll for each year will be set by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

It should be noted that before this regulation, traveling on state roads was free, except for vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of more than 12 tons.

After the adoption of the legislative amendment, it will enter into force on July 1, 2021.
29-08-2020, 15:58
The case of the murder of a 29-year-old young man in Armavir motivated by unrequited love is already in court.

Let us remind you, the young man's body was found in his house. According to preliminary data, in 2020 On May 10, 2012, at around 2:40 am, the alleged killer entered one of the houses on Charents Street in the city of Armavir, shot at a 29-year-old resident of the same house, killed him and fled. Later, the Investigative Committee reported that he was arrested on suspicion of murder in 1975. born man. According to "Fastinfo", the motive for the murder was unrequited love. The suspect sympathized with the young man's choice, whom he had persecuted for years, but the girl rejected him. The latter had chosen the 29-year-old young man, with whom he was going to connect his future life.
29-08-2020, 15:38
The leader of the LHP Edmon Marukyan published the answer received from the RA government on the proposal to negotiate with the Georgian side on the issue of transferring the RA citizens to the RA land border with their cars, movable property and police escort.

"In diplomatic language they say NO or just refuse."

"As I promised in advance, I am publishing the response received from the Armenian government on the proposal to negotiate with the Georgian side on the issue of transferring our citizens to Armenia by land in their cars, mobile property and police escort," the MP wrote, publishing the Government's response.

According to the answer, the citizens of Armenia can pass through the territory of Georgia "from Russia to Armenia" from Armenia to Russia only by buses, and their cars by tow trucks.
29-08-2020, 15:23
"I have been to many villages, I was born and raised in the village. When you enter our barns, it is a stiflingly hot thing, but we assume that the cows do not suddenly catch a cold, but it turns out that the cows up to 30 degrees minus the temperature is normal for them, on the contrary, the warm temperature that we provide for cows "We prevent them from producing normal milk," said the Prime Minister at the government session, adding that cows should be kept in the fresh air. He wondered why the knowledge that exists does not become widespread.

"I say this hoping that this chair will help people at least know," he added.
29-08-2020, 15:19
To be happy, you must decide to be happy.

I first fell in love at the age of 17.

I do not know what unrequited love is.

To be beautiful in front of others, you have to be who you are.

Before getting married, you should have your own car or house.

I will get married when I want to get married.
29-08-2020, 14:59
It should be reminded that on October 30, 2019, the 3rd Department of the General Department for Fighting Organized Crime (6th) of the RA Police received operative information that A. Nersisyan is located in the Malatia-Sebastia administrative district of Yerevan. The officers of the 6th General Department of the RA Police, in cooperation with their colleagues from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Yerevan City Police Department, found the suspect A. in one of the buildings on Papazyan Street in the Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan. Nersisyan. As reported earlier by SHAMSHYAN.com, on October 30, the 3rd Department of the General Department for Combating Organized Crime (6th) of the Police received operative information on the whereabouts of Yergani Malatia on October 9 of this year. The wanted suspect who committed a murder with a firearm in Sebastia administrative district. As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reported, officers of the 6th General Department, in cooperation with their colleagues from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Yerevan City Police Department, found the suspect, 23-year-old Andranik Nersisyan, a resident of Isakov Avenue in Yerevan, in one of the buildings on Papazyan Street in the Arabkir district of Yerevan. : The latter was taken from the mentioned apartment to the Malatia Police Department. Գ. According to Shamshyan, A. After the murder, Nersisyan constantly changed the place of his hiding place, because he thought with his short mind that it would not be found that way, while the officers of the 6th General Police Department proved to him that "the thief and ... the day is 40 days."
29-08-2020, 14:50
And so, Robert Kocharyan sued the Republic of Armenia and demanded 2 million drams, because in March the court published information containing medical secrets about his health condition. In fact, the man had been shouting for months through lawyers that he was ill, needed treatment, was tortured without changing the measure of restraint, etc., and after his release he sued the state for publishing information about the same disease. But let's leave the legal side of the issue to the specialists. In the end, the court will decide whether to satisfy Kocharyan's demand or not. The question is much more important, why does Kocharyan need all this, what is his goal?

It is clear that Kocharyan does not need that 2 million drams. He did not, did he, declare that his family is one of the 200 richest families in Armenia (and the wealth, of course, was obtained exclusively through honest work). There is also no problem of taking revenge on any specific official. If the demand is met, that amount will be paid from the budget, that is, the taxpayers will pay (as if they have paid less in ten years). Therefore, his move is based on political calculations. What calculations are we talking about?

The public reactions to Kocharyan's move to sue the Republic of Armenia and demand 2 million drams were quite predictable, and the "unprecedented impudence", "unprecedented cynicism" and other such assessments were not the harshest at all. But it was obvious that this first wave of indignation would be followed by a second one, this time against the authorities and the Prime Minister himself, and he would say "he is doing very well, that is not enough for you", "did you see where your velvet went" and the like. in other words. In other words, it was obvious that as a result of Kocharyan's behavior, the public's anger would be directed not so much at Kocharyan (calling the public attitude towards him "anger" is almost a compliment), but at Prime Minister Pashinyan. And, according to Kocharyan's calculations, the latter will be forced to pay tribute to the public moods and at least in this case to give up "velvet". In any case, Kocharyan, in his opinion, will win in case of any solution. The court will reject the lawsuit, it will make a fuss all over the world that "the judicial system is the puppet of the authorities", its rights are being violated, etc., the court will satisfy his demand, a significant part of the society will be disappointed by Pashinyan's "weakness" ...